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Samsung Gear S2

[Deal] Samsung Gear S2 for $185

You can now grab the Dark Gray version of the #Samsung #GearS2 for just $185 on eBay. The smartwatch comes with all the bells and whistles that you expect from a modern day wearable, and some, making it a very attractive proposition for this price.¬†The product is manufacturer refurbished. If you’re interested in snatching it

[Deal] 2nd gen 42mm Moto 360 for $149.99

The 2nd gen #Moto360 is now up for grabs via eBay for just $149.99. This is a very attractive price on the wearable given that it’s the most recent smartwatch by Moto. Although the listing mentions that the women’s version is also available, it’s currently out of stock. So you will only be able to

[Deal] Verizon or T-Mobile Samsung Gear S2 with LTE for $99.99

We have stumbled across two separate eBay listings, wherein you will find the Verizon and T-Mobile powered models of the #Samsung Gear S2. The two wearables are selling for just $99.99, which is pretty sweet. As you would imagine, these are both LTE enabled devices, which means it’s well worth your money. These are the

Gear S3 - Hero

Samsung officially announces the Gear S3 frontier and Gear S3 classic

After months of waiting and anticipation, #Samsung has officially unveiled the Gear S3 in two variants Рthe Gear S3 frontier and the Gear S3 classic. While both models pack fairly impressive hardware and design, the Gear S3 frontier appears to be the more evolved version, while the classic model just looks like a revamped version

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung to launch Gear S3 in a ‘Classic’ variant

We’ve already heard that the #Samsung #GearS3 will come with pretty much the same design as the predecessor. A new revelation is now suggesting that the smartwatch will also have a ‘Classic’ version, just like the Gear S2. This basically means that the Gear S3 will be sold in a standard model and a more

[Deal] 42mm Black/Leather Moto 360 (2nd gen) for $179.99

You can now get the 2015 #Moto360 (also known as the 2nd gen model) for just $179.99 on eBay. The retailer is offering the 42mm black/leather variant of the smartphone. The unit is manufacturer refurbished. This ist the latest smartwatch offered by Motorola, so a pricing of $180 is quite appealing to prospective buyers. The

Light Metal Moto 360

[Deal] Light Metal 18mm Moto 360 for $89.99

The Light Metal version of the #Moto360 is now selling for $89.99 on eBay. Before you wonder, this is the first-gen model. However, the retailer is offering a completely new product here and not a refurbished unit, which certainly makes this an exciting prospect for those looking to give Android Wear a try. The retailer

[Deal] Samsung Gear S2 w/LTE for $169.95

Samsung’s #GearS2 smartwatch can now be yours for just $169.95 courtesy of a deal run by eBay. The smartwatch is compatible with T-Mobile and comes with 4G LTE support, meaning that you can use it without requiring a smartphone to pair with. However, you will need to be signed up on T-Mobile to make use

Samsung rubbishes reports of ditching Android Wear

A recent report talked about #Samsung looking to focus more on its custom Tizen OS by ditching #AndroidWear. However, the company has now categorically refuted this particular allegation, going on to mention that it has made no such announcements. While the company has made no promises with regards to sticking with Android Wear or launching

[Deal] Sony SmartWatch 2 available for $84.50

The #Sony #SmartWatch2 wearable can be yours for just $84.50, courtesy of a retailer on eBay. This is not #AndroidWear, but the full version of #Android. That’s because it was released back in 2013, when Android Wear was yet to be released. However, this makes a decent companion for your smartphone given that it’s compatible