Coupon Apps That Will Help You Save Money

Over the past two years, grocery store prices have increased drastically. So have stores that offer your basic needs as well. Thanks to smartphone apps, all of that extra money does not need to go flying out of your bank account. Finding coupons and discounts can be a bit time consuming, especially when you’re doing

ZTE Grand X 3

Cricket Wireless bringing the ZTE Grand X 3 for $130

#ZTE showed off the #GrandX3 smartphone at the CES event earlier this month. At the event, it was also mentioned that the midranger would be revealed via Cricket Wireless in the U.S. The day has finally come today, with the carrier announcing that the Grand X 3 will be priced at $129.99 in the United

VAIO could announce its first ever smartphone on the 12th of March

Sony sold off its shares in VAIO last year, which meant that the company would function independently. The Japanese manufacturer recently launched a couple of ultra-slim notebooks and it seems like the company is all set to make its entry into the smartphone business as well. A new report suggests that the PC maker will

Top 10 Budget Smartphones to look out for this Black Friday

The holidays are coming up quickly, and with it comes some really awesome deals on our favorite pieces of technology. If money is a little tighter than usual this year and you cannot afford some of the more high end gadgets, we have put together our top 10 list of the best budget smartphones to

LG grabs the No.3 smartphone manufacturer spot in Q1 2014

LG’s mobile division has successfully become the third most successful smartphone manufacturer after strong sales of its smartphones in Q1 2014. The company is trailing the likes of Samsung and Apple which are still quite ahead at the moment. But it’s the first time LG is reaching the 3rd spot, so it’s quite a commendable

Amazon Render

Amazon’s rumored smartphone revealed in a new leaked render

The highly rumored Amazon smartphone has finally shown itself in a comprehensive leak, revealing the front and back of the device respectively. Prior to this, we had seen the device leak out in a couple of live shots revealing the lockscreen and the multiple cameras on the front for gesture and 3D features. This leak however

Upcoming Amazon smartphone might rely heavily on tilt based controls

According to a new report, the upcoming Amazon smartphone could sport tilt based controls in addition to the 3D features that have been rumored for a while now. We saw the handset leaking out in pictures a few days ago which revealed quite a bit about its looks, although the body was covered by an external shell. Speaking more

Oppo R1S

Oppo R1S with LTE launching on April 25

Oppo has revealed that it will be launching the R1S smartphone next week at a dedicated event in China. This event scheduled for April 25 will unveil a slightly modified variant of the Oppo R1 carrying 4G LTE, which is an essential feature for many international markets. The manufacturer will reportedly offer a 4,000 mAh external battery


Possible Japanese version of the LG G3 leaks out

The LG G3 isn’t breaking cover until June this year, but possible variants of the handset are already making their way to the rumor mill. This new smartphone that you see above is reportedly launching on Japanese carrier au by KDDI. The smartphone is known as the LG isai, which is most likely a code name

Unfortunately Gallery has Stopped error in Galaxy S4

Fixing the “Unfortunately Gallery has Stopped Error” in Galaxy S4

“Whenever I start tinkering my Gallery, I usually encounter the ‘Unfortunately Gallery has Stopped’ error message in my Samsung Galaxy S4. Is there a way to fix this?” This is the message that was recently sent to us through The Droid Guy Mailbag. Source of the “Unfortunately Gallery has Stopped” Problem in Galaxy S4 According

HTC One Timer

HTC will host a livestream for its March 25 event

The All New HTC One is scheduled to be announced on the 25th of March in New York City. And HTC has just announced that this event can be watched by the entire world through a livestream from its official website. To further hype the launch, the manufacturer has also put up a countdown timer

First looks: Nokia X

It was a bit of a shocker when Nokia announced its own Android fork at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this February. The Finnish company had long been rumored to have an Android device in the works, although with its upcoming acquisition by Microsoft, the chances of Nokia actually launching an Android product were thought

OnePlus One Sketch

OnePlus One revealed to have a metal unibody construction

A new leak has shown off the possible design of the upcoming OnePlus One smartphone. Accessed courtesy of a sketch, this reveals that the smartphone will carry a unibody design, much like the HTC One. The company has already revealed that the smartphone will pack a 5.5 inch 1080p display, a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800

Amid growth slowdown, are tablets losing their appeal?

IDC says tablet sales growth have considerably slowed down this year. Does this mean tablets are starting to fizzle out in popularity? What’s the next big trend, then? The year 2013 was the year of Android tablets. During that period, tablet sales grew 51.6 percent over 2012 figures, mostly fueled by sales of inexpensive no-brand

Samsung will launch its 64-bit chips later this year

According to Kyushik Hong, who is the VP of marketing for Samsung’s system LSI unit, the company’s 64-bit mobile chips are coming later this year. It was widely believed that Samsung would launch its first 64-bit chip with the Galaxy S5, but sadly that wasn’t the case. Instead the company only announced a new hexa-core