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The Race to the Bottom: Surveying the Smartphone Market

Android manufacturers have often been panned for engaging in a “race to the bottom” of producing a large number of handsets with small margins. What many are just starting to realize is being the winner in the mobile phone game, is being able to race to the bottom successfully. In the last week you have

HTC Butterfly S Hello Kitty Edition

HTC Butterfly S Hello Kitty Edition released

The HTC Butterfly S Hello Kitty Edition has just been unveiled in Taiwan, giving fans of the famous feline a special treat. Only 3,100 units of this device are available of the limited-edition handset, according to an earlier report. The HTC Butterfly S Hello Kitty Edition features a pearly white polycarbonate shell with an image


Approaching Extinction: Android Smartphones Smaller than 4-inches

Almost four years ago, GSMArena wrote this about their impressions of the 4.3-inch HTC HD2. But with touch smartphones getting screens that large sooner or later ergonomics had to be sacrificed. We somehow thought that the original Touch HD had almost crossed the line, but the HD2 has definitely crossed over. Reaching your thumb to

Ubuntu Edge smartphone fails to reach $32M goal

The Ubuntu Edge smartphone was unable to reach its fixed funding goal of $32 million on Indiegogo. Its campaign to fund the dual OS device ended today. Canonical, the team behind the Ubuntu Edge smartphone, says that that despite the failure, the campaign brought about many positive things. Support Canonical thanked its backers, which number

Smartphones with the thinnest bezels

Which are the smartphones with the thinnest bezels? There seems to be a growing obsession for thin bezels, as evidenced by the decreasing sizes of the bezels in recent smartphones. Earlier, it had been rumored that consumers would be able to enjoy bezel-less smartphones with edge-to-edge displays soon. However, no such smartphone has been released


LG Optimus F3 comes to Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile has grabbed another LTE handset, the LG Optimus F3 will be joining the growing lineup of non-contract smartphones being sold. The LG Optimus F3 is the lower end of the Optimus F line and will cost $179. The LG Optimus F3 will be available on Virgin Mobile and month-to-month Beyond Talk plans are

Moto X: Innovation or US$500,000,000 of hype?

  Image Credit: gaurav2328 A lot of buzz is building around the Moto X. Things started to hit the high gear back at the AllThingsD’s annual D11 conference. Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside disclosed that the newly announced Motorola X phone will have two separate processors. The pair is designed to improve battery life, with

HP Plans To Take Another Crack At Smartphone Business

The last time HP was in the smartphone business was in 2011 where two WebOS based models were unveiled. This was after the company bought Palm’s WebOS platform for $1.2 billion. The company has since then closed their smartphone division since it didn’t catch on with consumers. A recent statement by a company executive however


Sony Xperia ZU reported specs leak onto web

Sony Xperia ZU specs have been leaked onto the web and it seems the phablet phone will have some blockbuster internals, including the new Snapdragon 800 chip clocked at 2.2GHz, running alongside 2GB of RAM. The Xperia ZU will come with a ridiculous 6.44-inch screen with a pixel density of 342ppi. The display will be


Vodafone launches £50 Smart Mini

Larry Page said on stage at Google I/O the price of hardware would soon surmount to little over $1 and the profit margins for companies like Apple would be huge. We are starting to see this, with Vodafone launching the Smart Mini for a cool £50 off contract. The Smart Mini does not have impressive specs,