Samsung sold more Galaxy S3 than S4 units in the Middle East

Samsung has a magnitude of smartphones to choose from, but the main focus continues to be on the two flagship devices, the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, with the South Korean electronics giant raking in 70 million smartphone sales in Q1 2013. In the Middle East, Samsung sold more Galaxy S3 than Galaxy S4 units

Top 4 Reasons Why Samsung Is The Undisputed Mobile Heavyweight Champion

They’re everywhere, they sell like hotcakes from China to Africa and from Paris to New York, they’ve become almost easier to recognize than Apple’s iPhones and they’re cool in the eyes of teenagers, grown men and women and elders alike. I’m talking about Samsung smartphones, nay Samsung phones in general. The members of the “Galaxy”

AT&T Has Good Quarter, Backed By Smartphone Sales

AT&T posted their Q1 2012 results on Tuesday. Overall the results were better than analysts had expected. Although the Associated Press reported that AT&T’s 736,000 new subscribers was their lowest quarterly subscriber rate in eight years. Despite that fact, smartphone sales helped carry the quarter for the nations second largest carrier. The shocking thing about