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SmartOmi Magnetic Bluetooth Hybrid Headphones Review

SmartOmi, the popular wireless headphone manufacturer known for the Boots earbuds, have released hybrid headphones which can be used either in a wired or wireless configuration. They are perfect for people who like to listen to music on every occasion but don’t want to spend money on multiple different headphones. With the Magnetic Bluetooth Hybrid

SmartOmi Boots Bluetooth Earbuds IPX7 Waterproof Headset Giveaway

SmartOmi Boots bluetooth earbuds are perfect for active people who like to enjoy music or podcasts while they exercise, or people who seems to find themselves always on the go.  Being IPX7 rated waterproof means you can even use these while taking a shower! This week, we have one pair of the SmartOmi Boots waterproof bluetooth

SmartOmi Magnetic Bluetooth Hybrid Headphones Giveaway

This stylish SmartOmi Magnetic earphone can be used as wired or wireless via bluetooth, the hybrid design comes in handy if you run out of battery, you can just connect the AUX cord and continue your listening pleasures.  When not in use, use the magnetic design on the back of each earbuds to clasp around

SmartOmi OPTIMUS Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

Looking for a wireless bluetooth speaker? SmartOmi just released a brand new device.  This sleek looking bluetooth speaker is everything you need to enjoy your music wirelessly. This week, we have one pair of the SmartOmi Optimus bluetooth speaker to giveaway, see below for details. HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS FOR THIS BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: Comes with a

SmartOmi Boots Bluetooth Earbuds IPX7 Waterproof Headset Review

Have you noticed that most wireless in-ear headphones actually do come with a wire? We are talking about the often annoying cable that connects both ear pieces together, dangling behind your head and bouncing up and down with your every move. With lower-end headphones, the shocks that occur as the cable hits the back of

SmartOmi OPTIMUS Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Review

Designed for cyclists but equally useful for parties, barbecues, and other indoor and outdoor activities, the SmartOmi OPTIMUS wireless Bluetooth speaker is the newest gadget from the creators of the SmartOmi Boots, fully wireless earbuds that recently surprised us with their fantastic sound quality and convenient form factor. Understandably, our hopes are high for the

TDG Exclusive Deal: 48% off SmartOmi Optimus Bluetooth Speaker

As you probably have seen by now, we currently have an ongoing giveaway for the SmartOmi Optimus bluetooth speaker, which we’ve reviewed in depth here. If you cannot wait for the end of the drawing, we have secured an exclusive coupon code for the speaker.  Priced at $99.99 regularly, Now you can get this sleek