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Beta version of the Xbox One SmartGlass app now available for Android



The SmartGlass application for the Xbox One acts as a second screen for the console. Microsoft has now launched a Beta version of this app in the Google Play Store to receive feedback on its existing features and tips on how to improve them.

The app basically lets users control the content that you’re watching on the console and doesn’t exactly allow for mirroring of games. There’s a lot more functionality still to come, so make sure you download the app to stay in the loop for any new changes Microsoft brings to this app.

We have noticed Microsoft’s stance against rival mobile platforms going down a notch since the past few months. The company only recently made the Office application available for free. Although Windows Phone is seeing a steady increase in marketshare, it’s nowhere close to where iOS or Android is today. So it is imperative that Microsoft spreads its reach towards rival platforms in order to remain competitive.

The SmartGlass app will have some bugs and glitches as it is a beta app, so make sure you let the developers know should you encounter any trouble.

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Xbox SmartGlass App Updated, Support For 7-Inch Tablets Included

A lot of people who are power users of the Xbox console were excited to get their hands on the Xbox app for Android. Users were quick to realize that the app was available only on their smartphones, which was a disappointment to those who owned tablets and would much rather use that at home. Good news for tablet users though, Microsoft has released an update to address a lot of the complains on the SmartGlass app. This time around, the company has added support for 7-inch tablets.  No more fiddling around with the Xbox SmarGlass app on such a small phone screen!

While the big part of the update might have been added support for 7-inch tablets, this update also fixes a few bugs and crashes. It’s great to see Microsoft constantly trying to improve this app, there are a lot of users who love the ability to remotely control their Xbox’s, and with continuous updates like this, the app is surely to thrive! Man, I love it when someone makes a good quality app.

The update is currently available in the Play Store, so make sure to click the Play Store link below or just head on over to the Play Store via your smartphone!

How often you do you use the Xbox SmarGlass app? Has the app proved to be quite useful to you or is it just another cool tool to have? Have you tested the new 7-inch tablet functionality? How is it fairing for you?

Sound off in the comments below!

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Xbox SmartGlass Now Available For Android

Just a few days ago, Microsoft announced that they would be producing a new app for Google Play. Dubbed Xbox SmartGlass, the app will be creating a connection between a users Xbox 360 and their mobile device. Talk Android reports app is very similar to other applications like IntoNow or Netflix, which will enable users of those apps on your big screen TV while controlling all of the content from your device. These applications will prove you with access to a bunch of other information about the content and social media interaction with a bunch of other fans. Xbox SmartGlass is supposed to be doing the same thing for users that are in the possession of  an Xbox Live Gold subscription along with the console itself.

When Microsoft had originally released a video showcasing Xbox SmartGlass, it implied that that it would be released today with support only for Windows 8 powered devices. Supposedly, both Android and iOS versions were not likely to appear until earlier on in 2013. Of course, who’s really complaining about this? The earlier the better!

Xbox SmartGlass for Android is now available for free in the Google Play Store. Again, you do have to have a subscription with Xbox Live Gold and an Xbox 360 console. The application does require that your handset or tablet has Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and up (they have not said if devices back on Gingerbread will be supported eventually or not). Microsoft has also said that whatever you are running the app on, a WVGA screen resolution or better is required as well. Another cool thing that is packed in the Xbox SmartGlass app is that it can be used as a remote keyboard for all of your Xbox games and applications. Microsoft has also said that you can also browse the internet with full keyboard and zooming too, but it is still not clear whether or not that means using a browser on the Xbox or a browser on your smartphone that will then be mirrored through the Xbox.

If you’re interested in giving the Xbox SmartGlass for Android a go, you can head to one of the download links for your respective devices below. Make sure to tell us how the application is working out for you, especially the internet browsing as that has been a bit vague and confusing. It would be really nice if this was cleared up a bit officially though. Also, let us know if Xbox SmartGlass is something that you would use on a regular basis, or if it’s just a cool idea that needs a bit more work. It personally sounds really good, but not having an Xbox 360 or the needed subscription, I couldn’t give this a recommendation or no recommendation at all. One thing I did hear on the Google Play reviews is that this app drastically needs a landscape mode instead of being restricted to portrait mode though.

And who knows, maybe this means that we’ll be seeing Xbox Music earlier than expected as well?

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Xbox 360 Getting the SmartGlass Technology

Microsoft  has revealed a new innovation during the current 2012 E3 video game trade show called the Xbox SmartGlass. SmartGlass is a system that seamlessly connects various gadgets such as the cellphone, the tablet, the PC, and the television to the Xbox. The result is an easy way to access information on these devices with minimal to no interruption.

Microsoft demoed the technology during E3, where the SmartGlass system was showcased as an intelligent companion for the Xbox 360. Gamers can utilize it to plan plays in strategy-based games, to view the game inventory, or to search for content on the game’s background without disrupting the gameplay. SmartGlass devices can also accept input for games, functioning as controllers.

SmartGlass was also used to allow users to watch a show on a mobile device then transfer the show to the television without having to search where the user left off. Meanwhile, they can use the tablet to search for information on the show, such as the cast members’ names while the show continues to play. It essentially acts as a second screen, supplementing whatever is playing on the Xbox 360. SmartGlass can also be used to access the web through Internet Explorer, or to use Xbox 360 apps.

This technology is Microsoft’s answer to Nintendo’s Wii U Game Pad, a controller that can browse the Internet, stream content to a television, and has social networking features. To ensure that users enjoy a variety of content on SmartGlass, Microsoft partnered with companies such as Nickelodeon, Univison, ESPN, and Paramount Movies. An Xbox Music Service is also in the works.

A cross-platform solution, SmartGlass will be available not only on the Windows 8 platform, but also on the Windows Phone, Android, and iOS devices. Windows, however, notes that the features offered by SmartGlass depend on the device used to access the app, and thus, may vary. SmartGlass will be launched by Microsoft next year.