How to fix Call Of Duty Mobile lagging or freezing

How To Fix Call Of Duty Mobile Lagging Or Freezing Issue

Call of Duty Mobile is generally supported by a huge number of phones but some gamers are reporting that they are experiencing lagging or freezing issues. If you have this problem, don’t worry. As long as the issue is not caused by hardware, you’ll most likely fix this issue on your end.  Call of Duty

How to fix Samsung running slow issue.

How To Fix Samsung Running Slow (Android 10)

Are you wondering why your Samsung phone or tablet is running slow recently? Causes for this issue can vary so you’ll need to follow a set of logical troubleshooting to identify the culprit.  We’ve come up with a comprehensive list of solutions that you must try to deal with this problem. Fixing a Samsung device

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S20 guide.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Lagging Issue (Android 10)

Some Samsung Galaxy device owners have experienced lagging issue on their phones and tablets after updating to Android 10. While this is definitely not due to bad Android version, it can be a trigger in many devices. Android updates can make software changes that may render apps, settings, or configurations problematic all of a sudden.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A20 that’s running slow

Packed with latest hardware technologies and running on Android 9 with Samsung’s One UI, the Samsung Galaxy A20 is actually a great phone in its category. It may not be as fast as the flagship devices but it should still run smoothly without any issues especially if you got it brand new from your provider.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with slow performance

When your high-end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus starts to have slow performance or becomes sluggish, you can almost expect it to be a firmware issue unless your phone shows signs of physical and/or liquid damage. There are also times when such issue is caused by some apps especially heavy or graphics-intensive games.

How to fix a Google Pixel 2 that started running slow (easy steps)

When it comes to performance, your Google Pixel 2 is inherently fast and smooth. Google made it that way and that’s what you should get. However, we have readers who emailed us seeking for assistance because their devices reportedly started to run very slowly. Issues like this are very annoying because they will prevent you

How to fix your Samsung Galaxy A50 that’s running slow

The Samsung Galaxy A50 actually has some impressive hardware specs and runs on the latest Android version, Android 9 Pie, but some owners are complaining because after just a few weeks, their phone already started running slow. Performance issues can always be attributed to the software or firmware. But there are also instances wherein this