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HP Slate 6 and Slate 7 Voice Tab officially announced

Well, this is quite a surprise, but HP has just taken the wraps off the Slate 6 and the Slate 7 Voice Tab just a while ago, thus putting a rest to all the speculations. The two tablets run on Android 4.2 as expected and feature cellular connectivity for voice and data connectivity (3G). The

HP slashes prices of the Slate 7 tablet

HP has just made a price reduction of $30 for its low end budget tablet, the Slate 7. Featuring Android 4.1.1 and a very unattractive specs sheet, the HP tablet has failed to gain any traction in the market. This explains the price cut and we can expect a few more in the coming weeks.

Is Slate 7 HP’s Chance of Redemption ?

After the TouchPad’s failure to capture the market and go on top of the competition presented by the iPad and other popular tablets, Hewlett-Packard is back in the game. This time with an Android-powered tablet they aptly call the Slate 7. Citing CNET and TechCrunch, HP officials announced recently that the product will be released