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Slacker Radio Baby Number 5

We’re halfway through the Slacker Baby contest. We had to take a break from clues to cover some events but here come the last 5 well at least number 5. Correctly identify the baby in the song clip below and win 3 months free slacker – You must be following @slackerradio and @thedroidguy on twitter

It’s time for another Slacker Radio Baby (Baby # 3)

Below is the next Slacker Radio Baby, listen to it carefully, although we think it’s just as easy as Pearl Jam’s Last Kiss.¬† In case you have no idea what we are talking about here it is. Slacker Radio and The Droid Guy have teamed up to giveaway 10 free 3 month subscriptions to the

Slacker Radio and The Droidguys Baby for today! 11-4-10

Today is day 2 of the “Name that Baby” contest. Here’ s how it works: Make sure you are following both Slacker Radio @slackerradio and Thedroidguy @thedroidguy on twitter. Congratulations to Brian Edwards who correctly identified baby number 1 as Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares to you” Then listen to the small clip below of the

Slacker Radio and The Droid Guy Today’s Baby

Last night around 11:00pm central time we told you about our “Name That Baby” contest. It’s a simple concept, listen to the audio clue below and try and pick out the title and artist of the song from which the baby comes. Make sure you are following both Slacker Radio @slackerradio and Thedroidguy @thedroidguy on

Slacker Radio and Thedroidguy Makin Babies Contest

We’ve got 10 free 3 months of service to the awesome Slacker Radio app for Android. Slackerradio is a “radio” app for Android, similar to Pandora but with a lot more user control! So for the next 10 days we are giving away a free code a day good for (3) three, free months of