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SK Telecom To Offer 300Mbps Mobile Internet Before 2014 Ends

South Korea’s largest mobile operator announced this Monday that it plans to deploy a new network service before the year ends that is four times faster than the existing Long Term Evolution (LTE) service. SK Telecom said that it has developed what is called as the “LTE-Advanced 3 Band Carrier Aggregation (CA)” which can provide


SK Telecom wants to carry LTE-advanced iPhone 5S

LTE-advanced is just starting to creep out into some major cities, with the promise of 150Mb download speeds, it looks like the next evolution in LTE wireless networking. Even though LTE is just starting to roll out in some places, SK Telecom, the major carrier in South Korea, said they want to carry future iPhone

New Samsung Galaxy Pop Shows up In Korea

A new Samsung smartphone has just been introduced to the Korean market called the Samsung GALAXY Pop (SHV-E220S). It is described as resembling the Galaxy Premiere in design yet having similarities as well with the Galaxy S3. Don’t confuse this with the old Galaxy Pop though since this is a new version. Samsung GALAXY Pop