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Samsung Galaxy C7

Tipster claims Samsung is working on a new virtual assistant

According to a new report coming from a self proclaimed #Samsung tipster, the Korean manufacturer is currently working on a personal assistant for its mobile devices. While not much is revealed about the software side of things, it is being mentioned that this will be loosely based off the company’s S Voice application, which has served

The Race to the Bottom: Information is the Key to the City

The next innovative step in mobile technology is information. He who can easily provide access to the most information will rule. This post is a fourth of a series, the first of which is at this link. What has been necessary for the success of a mobile operating system has been having a large number

Has the Age of the Virtual Assistant Arrived?

Virtual Assistants had been languishing in relative obscurity on Apple’s App Store and Google Play until 2011, when Apple bought Siri and integrated it into its iPhone 4S. Siri was marketed as iPhone’s killer app. The following year, Samsung got the Vlingo Team to make S-Voice for its Samsung Galaxy S III. S-Voice featured the

Siri will Book Movie Tickets with iOS 6.1

Apple’s Siri is already known to do a lot of fancy things like crunch numbers, find restaurants near to your location etc. But according to 9to5Mac and its developer sources, with the upcoming iOS 6.1 update, Siri will also be able to book movie tickets as well. This seems like a decent addition to Siri’s

In-depth view of iOS 6 issues, who is to be blamed?

When Apple launched the next generation of iPhone, the iPhone 5, it also released iOS 6 to the general public. A large number of users have updated their older iOS devices to iOS 6, thanks to Apple’s Over The Air update which makes the process a breeze. With iOS 6, Apple has brought more than

Nuance Introduces Nina for Android and iOS Apps

Nina for Android and iOS apps was unveiled by Nuance, the developer of the famous Siri for the iPhone 4S. Nina or “Nuance Interactive Natural Assistant” turns your iPhone or Android into voice-enabled customer service assistants by transforming the Smartphone’s apps like a tool that will allow customers to engage and receive immediate outcomes. While