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Leaked document shows Sprint is rolling out Galaxy S III Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update on Oct 25th

When Korean manufacturer, Samsung, announced that its flagship smartphone, Galaxy S III, released in the United States would be getting the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update “soon,” it actually left an impression that US customers aren’t getting the same treatment as with customers from other regions. The company didn’t provide an ETA as to when the update would be rolled out pushing bloggers to speculate that the update might not be rolled out until 2013. There was, however, one carrier that hinted of an update this year—Sprint Nextel.

While many think Sprint would roll out the update in November, the most recent document that was leaked and published online suggests Sprint Galaxy S III owners could start receiving notifications today, October 25th. The screenshot does look legit and it says the update will bring software build L710VPALJ7 to the device. The XDA Developer community was the first one to publish the document and it spread like wild fire considering the popularity of Galaxy S3.

Many tech enthusiasts believe an update from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean is simply an incremental upgrade as the core architecture of the operating system remains unchanged. However, the JB package intended for Galaxy S III should be larger than typical packages for other devices because of its features on top of stock features such as Home Screen Management, Android Beam, better Notifications bar, Google Now, etc. It is expected that Sprint would add a few features to facilitate better customer service.

If you are one of the Galaxy S III owners under Sprint network, this is one reason to be excited. But at the end of the day, this information still needs confirmation from either Samsung or Sprint and as we wait for it, we must take this new with a pinch of a salt. Perhaps, the best thing to do for now is wait and see if the screenshot was taken from the actual Sprint document.

[source: XDA Developer Forums] [via: Phandroid]

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Samsung May Be Rolling Out Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update on August 29th

I came across a blog post somewhere that got me excited and I thought I should share with you – about Samsung Galaxy S3 and Android Jelly Bean.  Well, the talk of the internet is that Samsung is working on rolling out the much-craved-for Android OS update as early as this month!  According to the guys at GSMArena, credible sources from Samsung Mobile report that Samsung will have the update ready for the S3 users by 29th of this month – the same day that Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Note 2 during the IFA event in Berlin, Germany.  If this happens, Samsung will surely steal the limelight in so many levels on this day.

What I find interesting about this over the air update though is that even with the device still just a couple of months old, there are several software builds on various Android forums and sites especially on XDA.  We have been left to guess on the progress SamMobile has been making on the software update for so long so far but it appears they have been busy.  If you have an S3, one thing you can be sure of is that Samsung takes this handset very seriously, it was evident from the way they launched it.  It also appears that Samsung has been keeping a tight leash on security when it comes to software and news leaks as well.

The sources did not mention whether this update will be coming to specific versions of the Galaxy S3 or there is an update for every S3 – international included.  Since Android jelly bean is still fresh from Google’s kitchen, we wouldn’t blame Samsung if it took a little longer to roll out the updates for all the S3 version but we have to congratulate them on the speed it took to roll out the update if they indeed roll it out on the 29th.  For now, we just have to wait and see if this happens or if there is any new leak developments that say otherwise.

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ISeeYou Brings SIII’s Much Coveted Smart Stay Feature To Your Android Device

Feel jealous of people who would be walking away with Samsung Galaxy SIII, tapping away all those amazing features which your Android phone is void of? The feature which most droid guys crave for is the ability to keep the screen on, while having a look at it. It’s so annoying when you are browsing through a webpage or reading a book and the screen goes off.  

Well, it seems someone heard their prayers.

We are familiar with the Smart Stay feature provided in the Samsung Galaxy SIII, which prevents your device from going to sleep while you are looking at the screen. It does so by detecting your face through the front facing camera and prevents your screen from going off. When Samsung announced this upgrade, it looked like it would be rolled out in ROMs. However, no longer is the need to wait for that heavenly update.

An app named ISeeYou has been launched into the PlayStore which brings SIII’s much coveted Smart Stay feature to your Android device.  It is available in two versions- FREE and PAID. The paid one is available for 0.99$. The only difference between the two is that the paid version allows you to alter the scan interval and the time-duration for which the camera will search for your face.

The app basically works the following way. If you set the screen timeout to 60 seconds and the scan interval to 55 seconds, the app would scan for your face every 5 seconds in a minute. If it detects any face, it would prevent the phone from going to sleep.

Though there are concerns that this app might be a potential battery drainer, concrete evidences supporting that are yet to be derived. As of now, this app makes you happy by providing the amazing Galaxy SIII feature to your Android phone.

You can download the FREE version of this app, here.

Feel any lighter?
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Is June 20th the Magic Date for Unveiling Galaxy S3 in US?

Samsung Galaxy SIII Android Smartphone

The credibility of June 20th being the big day for the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy SIII got a boost with its unveiling in Australia on Thursday May 31st.

Samsung Galaxy SIII Android Smartphone
Galaxy SIII Launched in Australia on 31st May


Samsung Galaxy SIII, already nicknamed the ‘super-phone’ and the ‘mother of all smartphones’ by enthusiasts and reviewers has already hit Europe, most parts of Asia and lately Australia.  Samsung has also confirmed that shipping to Canada will begin on June 20th but Americans are still in the dark regarding when to expect the SIII.

There have been a lot of speculations saying the SIII will be launched in the US the same day as Canada – one rumor even claimed that T-Mobile would be the first carrier to distribute Samsung’s new flagship Android Smartphone.

The main reason so many fanatics and geeks are anticipating the SIII is because it is a powerful and fully-featured Android phone whose speeds and capabilities are comparable to laptops, tablets and even desktop computers.  The smartphone is expected to boast of a 2GB RAM, 1.5 GHz. Dual Core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’  OS and a 4.8 Inch HD Super AMOLED 720×1280 pixel 306 ppi screen.


During the Vodafone launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII in ‘the land down under’ on Thursday. One of the carrier’s officials hinted on June 20th as the next stop for the SIII’s nationwide US tour to start in New York.  Although there is no way to confirm what the ‘official’ was talking about, there can be only two possible conclusions.  The SIII will either enjoy a special unveiling in New York in about three weeks from now and after a short while hit the shelves or it will be presented to the public during unveiling.  There is also a possibility that the ‘official’s’ hint may have been a mistake but one thing we can be sure of is that the SIII’s unveiling in the US cannot be far from now.

Some major questions to be answered besides the unveiling date though still remain unanswered, even by rumors.  Last year, during the release of the SII, carriers had exclusivity period (S2 and Sprint), will carriers have the same exclusivity?  Will the US version of the 4G LTE SIII come with 2GB RAM as it did Japan?  Will the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models be available in both blue and white colors?

The answers to all these questions, and especially the release date, are bound to be leaked in coming weeks if not days, keep checking to stay updated.  Be sure to check the Samsung Galaxy SIII review and more news here.