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Solving the Galaxy S4 Signal Problem

Recently, we have shown you how to troubleshoot the factors triggering the Samsung Galaxy S4 signal problem. But what if any of these do not work for you because the source of the issue is your location itself? In other words, what if the reception in your area is very limited or poor due to

Signal Booster For Mobile Phones Made Legal By FCC

A signal booster is also known as a cellular repeater. Like its name implies, it amplifies the way that your cell phone receives signals. Thus, it works to enhance the communication capabilities of your cell phone in many ways. This is very beneficial to people who are living in remote areas where cellular phone signals

WIlson Electronics Sleek Survives Ultimate Road Test

We recently drove from coast to coast to attend CES. Why drive? Because you can take more stuff there and bring even more back when you drive. Also if you didn’t know, can fare in Las Vegas is crazy expensive and more hotel parking is FREE!.¬† So we drove from Georgia to Las Vegas in

10 Questions With Wilson Electronics

Wilson Electronics is a company out of Utah that’s in the cell phone signal amplification business.¬† We had a chance to speak with them after Cameron reviewed their Sleek product. We’ve tested several commercially available “signal improvement devices” and found that Wilson Electronics offers some of the best products in that category in the marketplace.