Google’s Andy Rubin A True Team Player

SAI is reporting that when Google shipped their first Android device, the G1, Andy Rubin received a multi million dollar bonus.  So what does an engineer with a pedigree in mobile do with millions of dollars from Google? He reportedly shared it with the entire team of 100 or so that worked on Android and

T-Mobile 16% Of Android Market Share

One of the saddest things with the pending AT&T/T-Mobile merger is thinking about what may happen to innovation with the 4th largest carrier in the United States. Although they are only the 4th largest carrier in the United States T-Mobile USA, has been on the cutting edge of mobile innovation, time and time again.  For

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Free Today At T-Mobile

Here at Thedroidguy we often refer to the T-Mobile Sidekick as the phone that started it all. Although many Android enthusiasts like to disagree with us and cite the G1 as the first Android. Of course they are correct, the G1 was the first Android device offered, however the Sidekick, also designed by Andy Rubin,

T-Mobile Confirms Sidekick 4G Release Date

Man, can’t you just remember the days when the T-Mobile Sidekick was the hottest thing this side of the western world? Teenagers everywhere flocked to T-Mobile wherever they could in order to get their hands on the newest model; only to somehow destroy the hinge and get a replacement. Well guess what, sidekick fans? T-Mobile

4/20 Is Now “Sidekick” Day Too…

Over the years 4/20 has been known for some significant things. In some circles it’s a day of herbally enhanced relaxation.  Some remember historically that it’s both Hitler’s birthday and the anniversary of Columbine. This year it’s a date thedroidguy is speaking on the topic of Twitter in the windy city.  For all of us

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Reunites Father With Long Lost Child

We aren’t quite sure how an announcement from Deutsche Telekom’s CEO Rene Oberman and T-Mobile USA’s CEO Phillip Humm wasn’t official, but today T-Mobile has officially announced the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G. Today T-Mobile announced that they are releasing the Sidekick 4G later on this spring. T-Mobile has enlisted Samsung (the #1 provider of mobile phones

T-Mobile Adds A Splash Page For The Samsung Powered Sidekick 4G

Nothing says a phone is coming more than a teaser page on the companies website and today T-Mobile did just that with the highly anticipated Samsung powered T-Mobile Sidekick 4G.  You may remember the original Sidekick or hiptop by Danger. Danger being the brain child of one Andy Rubin who happens to head up Android

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G With Android Spotted In The Wild

For many early 20 somethings, like myself, the T-Mobile (Danger) Sidekick was our first smartphone experience.  In comparison to today’s smartphones the original sidekick was big and bulky but boy was it cool. It seemed at one time that everyone had one even the Paris Hilton’s and Lindsay Lohan’s of the world.  The unique flip

Official: Android Based 4G Sidekick Coming To T-Mobile

Last week it was announced that the Emperor of T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom AG’s CEO, Rene Oberman was coming stateside to speak with T-Mobile USA’s CEO Phillip Humm and talk to investors about the T-Mobile turnaround and their plans for 2011. Humm has been the head of T-Mobile USA for the past 6 months and they