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Shazam Android Wear

Shazam finally gets Android Wear support

Shazam has been our go to app for discovering new songs that’s playing on the radio or finding out that new show you stumbled across on the TV. The app has just gotten better with the developers adding support for Android Wear smartwatches. This essentially means that you can ID songs while on the go with a

Shazam Now Integrates With Google Play

  Many of you have probably used the Shazam app before. If you haven’t, it’s a service that allows you to identify songs and TV shows. With it, you can then go to a service like Spotify, Amazon, Rdio, and more to either stream or purchase songs and albums. But until now, you couldn’t use it with


Shazam will allow users to stream full songs within the app via Rdio

Shazam has grown immensely since it originally broke cover as a music tagging service. And the developers are taking big strides in taking it even further with the help of a new update. This update will finally bring the ability to stream full songs directly within the app, courtesy of paid streaming service Rdio. The update


Shazam for Android getting an update with some new features

The popular music or TV Show tagging app, Shazam, is now getting an update with a plethora of new features. The update focuses around user convenience and will help you do a lot more within the app without breaking a sweat. Users can get quick access to lyrics, buy tracks and do a whole lot

Shazam Giving Away A Million Give Aways During The Super Bowl?

Shazam, the audio recognition app, that has been known for finding names of songs and interactive fun with television programs is doing it big this Sunday for the Super Bowl. How Big? How about a million different prizes between all of their different partners. Every bit of the Super Bowl from the game itself, halftime

Sound Hound Now Totally Free

Call it a Christmas gift, holiday present or just good for business but soundhound, the music recognition app, has decided to offer free unlimited searches via it’s listen and tag software. Previously users of the free app were subjectd to a total of 5 free look ups per month. Now, with fierce competition from rival

SoundHound Vs Shazam

I decided to put SoundHound by SoundHound Inc., and Shazam by Shazam Entertainment Limited head to head to detirmine which one was the better song identifier. SoundHound by SoundHound Inc. Upon opening SoundHound I was impressed with how quickly it loaded. This is very important for people who are music buffs, like myself, and may

Shazam Adds 1Million Users Per Week; Trying TV Now Too

One of our favorite Android apps that isn’t related to twitter or publishing on is definitely Shazam. Shazam is the useful listen and tag application that everyone is talking about. According to Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher they have added 1 million users per week, between Android and iPhone,  consistently over the last 12 weeks.