Top Android smartphones with the highest screen-to-body ratio

Gadget display borders have made for a delicate, controversial, sometimes even uncomfortable topic basically since the inception of the so-called mobile tech industry. Okay, so maybe this wasn’t really a focal point back when the Nokia 1100 was selling in hundreds of millions of copies, but the prospect of a truly “bezel-less” smartphone captured the

Best contemporary HD (720p) Android smartphones

Quad HD handheld display resolution is overkill, and everybody knows that. Including the device manufacturers trying so hard to sell the “feature” as something that’s not – useful and groundbreaking. Well, yeah, sure, it’s innovative and all on paper, but the end consumer needs a magnifying glass to tell the difference between 1,920 x 1,080

Sharp Aquos Crystal

Sharp Aquos Crystal officially landing on Sprint for $239.99

Yesterday, we spoke about the possibility of the Sharp Aquos Crystal launching through Sprint. The carrier has officially confirmed this today by announcing the device for $239.99 off contract. The carrier will also offer the smartphone for $10 per month for a period of 2-years under its zero down payment plans. Sprint’s subsidiaries such as

Sharp Aquos Crystal

Sprint could announce the uniquely designed Sharp Aquos Crystal tomorrow

Popular display maker Sharp just announced the Aquos Crystal smartphone earlier today in Japan sporting a very unique design and extremely slim side bezels. Usually, a smartphone which has been announced in Japan wouldn’t grab much attention elsewhere, but it’s different with the Aquos Crystal as the handset is also expected to be launched via Sprint tomorrow, according to