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Sega removes more games from app hubs

Sega has been removing games from app hubs of late since they don’t adhere to their quality norms. More games recently fell victims to these new regulations (After Burner Climax and Jet Set Radio). So if you were looking to download these games from the Google Play Store, your time has run out as you will

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Sega removes three games from the Google Play Store

Popular Japanese game developer and a well known name in the arcade gaming industry, Sega has just removed three more games from the Google Play Store. This comes after the company announced it will be removing old games from the Play Store and other app markets for failing to meet their quality standards. The games that

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Multiple Sega titles available at discounted prices today

Sega is holding a sale on multiple titles over at the Google Play Store. Although none of the titles are exactly free today, the discounts are pretty substantial, so they’re pretty hard to miss. There are five games available under this new promo from Sega and Google Play. Sega usually holds deals on its Sonic

Sonic Jump Fever

Sonic Jump Fever makes its way to the Google Play Store

Sega has just introduced Sonic Jump Fever on the Google Play Store today, much to the delight of retro gaming fans. This comes two years after the developer launched Sonic Jump on Android, so this is an improved version of the first gen title with better graphics and overall gameplay. Perhaps the most important change here is that

Crazy Taxi Android

Sega offering the Crazy Taxi game for free on Android

Sega has just made the popular Crazy Taxi game completely free on Android with a new version gearing up to launch. The developer is launching Crazy Taxi: City Rush in the coming days, which will replace the original in the Play Store. But since Google doesn’t allow games to be made free and then revert back

Sega’s Kingdom Conquest II Now At Google Play

Sega has announced today the availability of their hit Kingdom Conquest II strategy game over at Google Play. You will be able to download this title for free right now which requires a device running on at least Android 2.2 as well as a 49 MB storage space. Kingdom Conquest II combines elements of real

Sega Slashes Prices of its Android and iOS Titles to Under $2

We all love shopping for apps on the respective app hubs. But big ticket developers don’t make it easy on us by charging a premium for their exclusive apps. Mostly ranging from $1.99 to $6.99 these apps don’t go easy on our wallets. And it seems like Sega understands that as the developing house has

Super Monkey Ball 2 Comes To Android

Sega has done a great job of porting some of their franchise titles to the Android platform, including Choo Choo Rocket and Sonic The Hedgehog. Now Super Monkey Ball joins the Android family. Phonearena reports that Super Monkeyball 2 takes place in the mythical country of Japan (lol), filled with Cherry Blossoms, which Michael H Provides Solution For Sonic CD

Well we waited, and waited and waited some more for Sega to respond to their thousands of pissed off Android fans who were met with delight yesterday as Sonic CD was launched in the Android Market and then rendered useless by an error over at Sega’s servers. Fear not Sonic fan, our friends at landofdroid

Sega’s Classic Chu Chu Rocket Now Available On Android

Last week Sega announced that their classic puzzle game Chu Chu Rocket is now available in the Android Market for $.99. They are also working on a free version that will be released early next year. “ChuChu Rocket! has become one of our most popular and well-received titles on the App Store, so it was