Popular HootSuite Platform Has Acquired Seesmic

After a fairly popular and long run on the Android platform, Seesmic has been fully acquired by HootSuite (another Twitter platform). Don’t worry though Seesmic users, HootSuite has promised Seesmic users that they’ll continue supporting the Seesmic application, but business users of the application will be getting moved over to HootSuite’s offering. Both CEO’s sound

Seesmic For Android Updated With Instagr.am Support & More

Last April we sat in Seesmic’s offices and used the version of Seesmic that was supposed to come out for tablets. Two weeks later we saw another sneak peek of that version which was never released. Almost a year later we are seeing a new version of Seesmic with the most significant upgrades since last

Seesmic Gets Major Update For Android, But Still No Honeycomb

Big news for Seesmic fans as they’ve uploaded a new update to the Android market that works out some bugs and eliminates Google Buzz. Here is what’s new with Seesmic: This version addresses various bug fixes and minor updates including: Updates to address issues with Trending Topics Support for t.co links Bug fixes based on

Tools We Use: Seesmic For Android! VIDEO

If you’ve been reading Thedroidugy for a while than you know that for the longest time we used Hootsuite for Android as our mobile twitter application. We use Hootsuite on the desktop, but now just about exclusively for scheduling.¬† Other than scheduling tweets we use Seesmic’s crisp clean desktop app and Seesmic for Android.¬† This

2 Really Good Twitter Apps this week

On Saturday I downloaded Xeeku Tweets thanks to @dandroidos And I thought it was love at first site. It’s a very very strong app look for it in the market as Xeeku Tweet. I didn’t like that it said I was posting from generic API but hey thats on them they should fix the signature

Twitter Apps…My Winner is Seesmic

Ive tried everything in the market for twitter. I have 3 twitter accounts 2 for business and 1 for The Droid Guy. Here’s how I make my 3 twitter accounts work on my Android Phones and Why Seesmic is my favorite twitter app. On each of my phones its set up the exact same way.