LulzSec Taking Your Requests At 614-LULZSEC

From the Holy Poop Batman File… LulzSec your friendly neighborhood hacker of the month is known for their hacking of PBS, Sony Music, The government and an FBI partner in Atlanta.  Now they’re taking requrests at 614-LULZSEC. We realize at printing time this phone number may be taken down but that is the number the

Another Android Malware Alert!!!

Just last week, Google had removed over 25 applications from the Android Market due to a malware known as DroidDream Light. This is not the first or the last that we have seen of these issues. Another malware was discovered yet again circling the Android Market. This new malware known as DroidKungFu seems to be

Google Pulls More Apps Infected By DroidDream Light

Yesterday, we gave you heads up on a malware that is affecting applications in the Android Market. This malware is by the some ones that had created DroidDream back in March and this new version is being referred to as DroidDream Light. Lookout has been keeping a close eye on this issue in the Android Market and

DroidDream Is Back!!!

It looks as if the pesky malware DroidDream has made its way back into the Android Market. This time the developers behind this malware have decided to strip it down and give it a fresh shot. So far a total of twenty six applications have been pulled from the Android Market containing this stripped down version of

New Malware Detected, Called BaseBridge

Over this past weekend concerns have risen regarding a malware that has been found in over twenty Android applications. The infected applications include QQ Doudizhu, Voice SMS, Drag Racing, Trader, Donkey Jump, Jungle Monkey and Gold Miner and many others. This malware has been named BaseBridge and can easily be embedded in legitimate applications. When

Guide To Android: Android Security

Whether you have a desktop, a netbook, laptop, or a smartphone you may have became aware that they are many threats that abound in the technology world we live in these days. These threats range from corrupt software, hackers, viruses, and plenty more. Recently, we reported on the increase in Android malware that has been found

Justin Case Expose’s Skype Vulnerability

You know that new leaked version of Skype Video Chat that leaked out earlier this week? Well it seems the app, even though it works pretty well, is exposing your personal information, and isn’t alone in doing so.

One More Thing… On the Malware

Everyone was anticipating a “One More Thing” from Steve Jobs today, he didn’t have one but Android Police does.  The story last night that broke on Android Police about the malware in the Android market took off like wildfire.  The affected games were pulled off the market but the main concern was that before they

Breaking Tech News: Walgreens Reports Email Data Breach

Michael Polzin, a spokesperson for national drug store chain, Walgreens, has said that an email list of customers who receive special offers has been breached.  The good thing is it was only email addresses. Polzin fears that the list may have been used to direct customers to another website seeking personal information. Polzin reiterrated that

Google Pushing Deeper into Corporate Security Layers

Google Adds Authentication To Google Apps Google has added a free authentication option to Google Apps.  Google Apps has already supported other forms of security layers including smart cards and tokens, among others.  Many of these features cost money and may add a (small) layer of difficulty in implementing.  The beauty of this system is

Moral ambiguity and Android… where's the line?

By Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online One of the biggest fights in the Internet world is the concept of stealing. From music and pictures, to movies and games there has been people who feel if it’s digital it’s theirs, and the creators and supporters who disagree. It’s a constant fight not just with whether