Plaintiff’s In Mobile App Privacy Suits Seeking Class Action

Earlier this year when Path came under fire for uploading the entire contents of users mobile address books (contacts) to their private servers, it launched a myriad of individual lawsuits. This week we’re hearing that 13 of those plaintiffs are seeking to build a class against a group of well known apps. The new class

Symantec Tests What Happens When You Find A Smartphone

Internet and mobile security giant recently performed a very interesting test. They spread out 50 smartphones in major cities like New York, DC and LA, just to name a few.  They strategically placed these smartphones in public, high traffic areas, for the purpose of being found. Symantec wanted to see how honest the general public

Protect Your Photos On Your Android Phone With These Apps

Yesterday we brought you the story that was breaking across the internet in regards to Android phones allowing access to your photos from apps. You can see the whole story here, but the jist of it is that like computers, your photos are stored locally on your “hard drive” and of course apps could access

NSA Creates Android Phone For Top Secret Conversations

The U.S. National Security Agency in Fort Meade Maryland has created an Android phone that some NSA officials believe is capable of handling top-secret conversations. This is great news for Google’s operating system, which some thought was to “open” for enterprise let alone one of the most clandestine government agencies. The Android phone was developed

Malware Slides Past The Bouncer, Uses Facebook As The Side Door

TechCrunch is running a story today about a new malware that’s affecting Android users.  After Google put “bouncer” in place in the Android market to patrol for malware, this new enemy has let himself in the side door via Facebook. The malware, which has disguised itself as “any_name.apk” and “allnew.apk” was discovered by the security

NQ Mobile: You May Not Like It But Counterclank Is Not Malware

Two weeks ago the Android world was up and arms with a report that over 5 million Android devices were infected with some kind of Malware.  The Malware we thought was infecting our Android phones was called Counterclank. As it turns out Counterclank is just an aggressive advertising network, but not actually Malware. The folks

Mobile Device Privacy Act To Prevent Carrier IQ Incidents In The Future

When Carrier IQ was first exposed by’s Russell Holly it sparked a whirlwind of information and debate even at congressional levels. Key members of congress like Senator Al Franken and Congressman Edward Markey, both wanted to hear from Carrier IQ in regards to protecting citizens privacy. The debate over Carrier IQ sparked a new

Look Out! NQ Mobile Is Bringing The Heat

If you were lucky enough to be in the stands in Miami or catch a telecast of the Miami Heat’s 92-85 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this week than you would have caught NQ Mobile’s advertising on the sidelines. Pictured above NQ Mobile, the largest mobile security provider in the world, with over 122

And Universal Music Is Down Again Thanks To Anonymous

The hacktivist group Anonymous is back at it again. They’re all riled up right now because of SOPA, PIPA and Kim Dotcom (Mega Upload). Anonymous is looking to bring as much attention as possible to the rights that Americans can loose if laws like SOPA and PIPA are passed. They’re also bringing to light the

Whitehouse.Gov Down Now Thanks To Anonymous

              UPDATE 11:52PM ET: is back up While most sites are reporting that Anonymous has taken down a laundry list of websites in response to the federal indictment of megaupload that is only half the story. We are hearing from some of the anonymous sources that brought us

Anonymous Takes Down DOJ & Universal Music And More In Response To Megaupload

Megaupload was shut down by the federal government early on Thursday. Soon afterwards the hacktivist group Anonymous took responsibility for the take down of both the Department of Justice, RIAA, MPAA and Universal Music Group websites. “It was in retaliation for Megaupload, as was the concurrent attack on,” Anonymous operative Barrett Brown told website 

Feds Shut Down Mega Upload

Despite the mass protest by the collective internet on Wednesday, feds moved in and shut down mega upload one of the largest file sharing websites in the world on Thursday. The indictment unsealed this morning accuses of costing copyright holders over $500 million dollars in lost revenue. More after the break

Kim Titus Shows Off NQ Mobile On An HTC Vivid

Big things are about to happen for NQ Mobile. NQ Mobile is one of the world’s leading providers of consumer centric mobile security software in the world. They currently boast over 120 million worldwide subscribers. NQ Mobile just recently added Kim Titus, former PR Director for Samsung Mobile as their head of communications. To top

Wow! Omar Khan & Kim Titus Back Together Again

NetQin announced today that they are ready to propel themselves ahead eons in 2012 with the arrival of former Samsung Chief Strategy Officer: Omar Khan.  This reunites Khan with former Samsung Director of Public relations Kim Titus who left Samsung a couple months back to join NetQin. Together at Massing Khan and Titus released blockbuster

Sprint Disabling Carrier IQ received an official statement from Sprint on Friday that said they were disabling Carrier IQ services from all of their phones. The statement came on the heels of a report at that Sprint had demanded all of their manufacturer partners remove the service from their devices and do so quickly. According to

Sprint Lone Carrier On New Mobile Security Council

We are reporting on Android Malware and other security factors way more often than we’d like to. Naturally when you’re activating over half a million Android devices per day, the risk for security threats increases as well. Factor in the amount of iPhone users (and of course Blackberry and Windows Phone users) than you’ll see

LookOut Mobile Security Now Supports Honeycomb

The pioneer in Android mobile security, LookOut Mobile, today announced that they now support Android Honeycomb tablets as well as Ice Cream Sandwich devices. LookOut has been a trusted name in Android security since 2009. Today they protect over 12 million users from malware, spyware, unsafe websites and other security threats.   In addition Lookout Mobile

Congress Concerned About Security In Kindle Fire’s Web Browser

Representative Ed Markey of Massachusetts, the co-chair of the bi-partisan privacy caucus has sent a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The letter outlines the caucus’s concerns over the privacy of users who buy the recently announced Amazon Kindle Fire. Amazon has taken pre-orders for hundreds of thousands of Kindle Fire tablets (e-readers) that use