Galaxy S7 Edge apps on edge panel not working with Wi-Fi, other issues

Samsung’s latest flagship phones, the #GalaxyS7 and S7 Edge, are receiving a lot of positive praise from users and critics alike. Although majority of features of the phones are only improvements of their predecessor, it’s hard to ignore the amazing hardware they possess. But just like any other smartphone, the S7 series is not perfect and

Galaxy Note 4 won’t read MP3 files from SD card, other issues

For those looking for solutions to some other issues on their #GalaxyNote4, the solutions below may work for you. These are the particular topics discussed here today: Galaxy Note 4 won’t read MP3 files from SD card Galaxy Note 4 randomly restarts Galaxy Note 4 charging problems 4G keeps disappearing on Galaxy Note 4 Galaxy

Vulnerability In SD Cards Makes Them Unsecure

An SD Card (Secure Digital Card) is a type of non-volatile memory card that is often used in most mobile devices today ranging from smartphones, cameras, and laptops. It is a cheap way to store massive amounts of data that has been used since 1999. Its name itself has the word “secure” but how secure

galaxy note 2 problem

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problem: Photos Can’t Be Opened

Recently, we received an email in our Mailbag which reads, “Hi, I just read your blog about the Galaxy Note 2, so I though that maybe you could help me. I’m having problems with my phone. The main problem is that I can’t access the photos that are stored in the memory phone and SD

move apps to sd card

Move Apps to SD Card in Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 Phones

Move Apps to SD Card in Galaxy S4 According to Techienews, Samsung has already rolled up an update bundled with an new app called Apps to SD. This enables users to copy their apps stored in their phone memory to their SD card, which has been the most sought feature of many smartphone users. The

galaxy s3 or s4

Commonly Asked Questions of Galaxy S3 or S4 Users

#1 How to Save Photos and Videos Automatically to the Galaxy S3 or S4 SD Card The default configurations of the phone only allow users to automatically save the captured or recorded files to the phone memory. Given that the Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 has so many bloatware installed, it won’t be long until