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Galaxy S4 Screen Unresponsive During Calls

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This is one of the messages that we received through Mailbag from a Galaxy S4 owner:

 “My S4 which bought from the day it was released to the public is giving me a problem.  This past week, I’ve been having a strange issue and I wanted to see if you seen or heard of this issue before.  When I receive a call I go ahead and accept it and will start talking.  If I want to hang up the call say if it goes to someone’s voice mail I can’t.  If I’m talking on the line and want to see my contacts I can’t. The screen is black and it is like all the buttons are disabled.  The home button, volume, side button none of them work.  I have to wait for the caller to hang up then the phone goes back to normal.  At first I thought it was case the (Otter Box Defender) but even with the case off it won’t allow me to hang up the call and have to wait for the other person to hang up first.  Can you let me know if you have seen this before?”

Possible Causes and Solutions to the Galaxy S4 Screen Unresponsiveness During Calls

We have encountered this problem before with the Galaxy S3. Forums from other websites particularly Vodafone, indicate that this is experienced by many users too. We could not really identify the cause of the issue here but it is possible that it is related in the configuration of its display, foreign objects on the proximity sensor, a system glitch or due to the recent update you got (since it was mentioned that it only occurred after updating).

Before anything else, apply the solutions here about disabling Power Saving, Smart Stay, proximity sensors and Auto Screen Off  which are also applicable to your Galaxy S4. Try to Reset App Preferences as well if the solutions provided in the given article won’t work.

If those solutions still fail, try to revert your configurations into Factory Settings (just don’t forget to backup your data). A Factory Reset is recommended once you receive an update because it ensures the smooth performance of your new OS version to your Galaxy S4 by removing the remnants of the old version together with bugs associated with it or from incompatible apps.

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