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Google & Coca Cola Bring Android A Christmas Snow Globe

Google’s Admob unit has teamed up with Coca Cola this year to offer more than just great Santa Claus ads. For years Coca Cola has been known for their award winning holiday campaigns, songs that grow in your head, dancing an figure skating bears, Santa in his shop, Rudolph and more have been feature pieces of the Coca Cola holiday campaigns.

This year is no different but it also brings a whole new audience.  Coca Cola, through a relationship with Admob, has created a Santa Snowglobe live wallpaper for Android. The wallpaper moves and shows Santa and his snow globes in a very cool snowglobe interactive. Not only does the wallpaper move on it’s own but if you shake your Android device it snows on the screen.

You can access the Coca Cola snowglobe active wallpaper in the Android market but as an added bonus Admob has started a campaign on their partner Android apps where when a game player clicks the ad it goes directly to the Android Market page rather than an information page. This, adding to Coca Cola’s conversions.

Source: Google Ad Blog

Call Santa and Track Santa With A Little Help From Google

While Carol Bartz CEO at yahoo is playing Scrooge this year her nemesis Eric Schmidt and the Google team have helped get kids ready for Santa Claus!

Santa is herding up the reindeer as we speak and Rudolph is changing the lightbulb in his nose.  In this technological age there are more and more tools to help you and the kids track Santa, email Santa, text Santa, watch Santa and now even call Santa.

In addition to the NORAD official Santa Claus tracking station online here kids can use Google Earth to track Santa’s progress from start to finish. You can see when Santa is close enough that the kids need to go to bed so their presents can be dropped off. But before they do make sure they call Santa and leave him a message and tell him to have a safe journey. Santa is so cool that his Android powered phone (presumably a red eyed one) has Google Voice, so leave him a message at 855-34-SANTA

Here is a quick list of fun Santa resources for you and your family. Merry Christmas!

Santa’s Google Voice number 855-34-SANTA

Google has also set up a way to get a call from Santa just go to the website allows you to enter your name, the child’s name, your relationship to the child, and some personalized gift information. Before you log off you’ll be able to hear the message Santa will say when he calls your child back.

This year Google has also teamed up with NORAD to make NORAD’s fun tradition of tracking Santa by radar more interactive through the use of Google Maps and Google earth. Tradition states that in 1955 Sears mistakenly printed CONAD (Continental Air Defense Command) number in an advertisement for kids who wanted to call and talk to Santa. This actually reached a hotline number at the installation and rather than ruining the Christmas spirit staffers talked to the kids and helped them track Santa.  Now it’s a totally interactive updated experience happening online.

You and the children in your lives can get in the action at

Have A Merry Christmas!