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Samsung Galaxy A20 keeps losing signal. Here’s how you fix it.

Network issues are among the most common problems any smartphone users may encounter and they’re not necessarily hard to fix. Most of the time, they’re just pretty minor problems with your phone or the network. That seems to be the case with some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A20 who’ve been complaining because their phones

Samsung Galaxy A10 running slow. Here’s how to fix it.

The Samsung Galaxy A10 is not as fast as the flagship phones but it’s actually better when compared with other devices in its category. It is still smooth and responsive and if you’re an owner of such a phone, you can easily determine if it’s running slow or just working normally. We have readers who

5 Best Samsung Flash Drive In 2019

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard the name Samsung before. Samsung has its hands in tons of different industries. They make all sorts of appliances, laptops, Chromebooks, smartphones, tablets, and less commonly known, tanks. That in mind, you probably aren’t surprised to hear that they make flash drives either. They might not be as nearly

How to fix your Samsung Galaxy A30 that won’t turn on

Being one of the mid-range devices, the Samsung Galaxy A30 has actually some impressive hardware specs that could compete with other devices in its category. But just like any other smartphones, it’s not free of issues and problems. In fact, we have readers who complained because their units reportedly turned off and won’t turn on

How to Turn Samsung Galaxy S10e On and Off

Turning your Samsung Galaxy S10e on is the best way to test if it’s working fine especially if you are yet to buy it. It is also important that you know how to properly power your device on and off because there are times when you need to refresh its memory. The process is very

Best dual SIM Android smartphones available today

Very rarely mentioned in the same breath as zippy 64-bit processors, Quad HD screens, OIS cameras or massive batteries with fast charging capabilities when it comes to top selling points of today’s best and brightest Android smartphones, dual SIM support remains an extremely convenient feature to have for several classes of mobile users. Businessmen often

How to fix Black Screen of Death on Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

The black screen of death issue that’s bugging many Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners is not new. Even when the device has newly been released, we already received quite a lot of complaints from our readers saying their devices just turned off and would no longer respond. It seems that there are  still a lot

How to Clear App Cache and Data on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

There are times that your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will encounter some minor issues that can easily be resolved with a simple fix, either to clear app cache or resetting your apps to default by clearing its data. In this article, we will do just that as we have prepared a detailed steps on how