Samsung Gear and two tablets coming soon

Samsung is still prepared to develop more consumer devices, even with three new releases of the Galaxy S4, including the S Active, Zoom and LTE-advanced unit for South Korea and hundreds of different tablets, phones and other electronics. The first is the Galaxy Watch, set to be released at IFA with the Galaxy Note 3.


Samsung Gear trademark hints at smartwatch

Samsung’s Executive Vice President Lee Young Hee confirmed the company was building a smartwatch back in May and said they had been working on the concept for quite some time, hinting at a close release date. The light has not really been on Samsung’s smartwatch since then, but now a new trademark, the Samsung Gear, could

Samsung smartwatch now in the works, says exec

Samsung is currently working on a smartwatch that will allow it to compete with the companies that have recently been releasing such devices. The official announcement comes from Samsung mobile business executive vice president Lee Young Hee in an interview in South Korea. Says Lee, the smartwatch is among the products that the Samsung team