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Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update, In The Works; Roll Out May Start in September or October

South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung is reportedly on the verge of rolling out the much anticipated Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for its flagship, Galaxy S3. Reports suggest that owners may be able to pull the update down from Samsung’s servers in late September or early October.

Sam Mobile, a blog dedicated to publishing latest news about Samsung mobile devices, reported Monday, August 6th, that the Jelly Bean firmware for Galaxy S III has already passed testing and reached public version. If this is true, the firmware will be released for public preview before reaching a stable release candidate, then the final stable version.

Google will also play an important role in the roll out of the Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S3 because each Android release and update is subject to its approval. The agreement between manufacturers and Google has always been taken seriously especially now that the search titan is facing legal disputes against Oracle over Java fair use policy.

Tech enthusiasts say that Samsung is trying to stick as close as possible to the original Jelly Bean build because doing so does not require so much manpower and time to finish the development. Also, it is trying to be very careful in putting new features in its firmware knowing Apple is always on the lookout for features that have similarities to its patents. Both companies are still battling in court over patent issues. Apple is said to be preparing to file another patent case against Samsung’s flagship.

Sam Mobile reported that this information was from insiders who allegedly provided them with correct information about Ice Cream Sandwich update several months ago; however, Samsung hasn’t confirmed this report yet.

While every Galaxy S3 owner might think the update will reach them in September or October, there is a possibility that it would arrive later than expected knowing it will pass the hands of the carriers; further testing may even be done to make sure the update will not interrupt with the service. Thus, there is a valid reason that the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update or Samsung Galaxy S3 will be rolled out in November or December.

Source: Sam Mobile

5 Samsung Devices That Will Surely Get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update

Korean manufacturer Samsung has kept its mouth shut about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update. Until now, there is no official word from the company which of its devices would be getting Google’s latest mobile operating system.

However, experts believe that the company is just trying to tease everyone who is intently waiting for the much anticipated update. Eventually, it will come before this year would be over, others say. Analysts also say that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean could become one of Samsung’s weapons to pose a competition with the upcoming Apple iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S3

It is not a matter of whether GS3 will be getting Jelly Bean or not; rather, it is all about when the update would arrive. Being the most popular and best-selling smartphone, the manufacturer couldn’t just afford to leave its patrons in limbo. While there is no official word from Samsung yet, rumors and reports suggest that Galaxy S3 may be receiving an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update via Samsung KIES or over the air in the last quarter.

Sam Mobile reported that the company might release information about Jelly Bean update this month or in September, at least, that’s the good news. On the negative side, other reports suggest Jelly Bean update for GS3 is pushed back to 2013. But then again, none of these reports were confirmed by Samsung.

But what do you think? Will it be this year or in 2013?

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung is reportedly testing Jelly Bean for Galaxy S2, however, there is no confirmation whether this handset will be getting the latest OS or not. The test is being conducted to determine whether Android 4.1 will run smoothly on the device without issues.

Galaxy S2 was originally released with Android 2.3 Gingerbread pre-installed and it was only just recently that it received a generous update to Ice Cream Sandwich. The porting of ICS was actually successful and the OS works like a charm on the device.

Considering the fact that Jelly Bean uses the fundamental architecture of ICS, there is a greater possibility that it will also run without issues on Galaxy S2. If the result of the test would be successful, GS2 owners may be able to receive the update in 4th quarter.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Being one of the premium devices from Samsung, Galaxy Note couldn’t just be left hanging with ICS on it. There is no information for now whether it would get the latest OS but if Samsung is testing out a Jelly Bean port for Galaxy S2, there’s a possibility it is also seeking to update this handset.

Originally released with Gingerbread out of the box, Galaxy Note performs perfectly with ICS after updates were rolled out. That should be enough to assume it could run Jelly Bean as well.

XDA Developers, a group of Android hackers who develop custom ROMs, have released a teaser showing Galaxy Note running on custom Jelly Bean OS, although they are still in the process of fine-tuning the firmware to work perfectly on Note’s hardware. The thing is, if third-party developers found a way to make the firmware run on the device, Samsung can too.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Google started rolling out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on July 11th with Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ as one of the luckiest devices to receive it first. The update was actually rolled out after the device was made available on Google Play Store following the court ruling to continue the sales of the said devices.

For the benefit of those who haven’t known yet, Samsung is in a nasty battle against Apple over patent infringement and Galaxy Nexus is one of the devices subjected to sales ban in the U.S. The Korean manufacturer, however, was able to convince the court to let the sales of Galaxy Nexus continue. Google did not waste precious time to promote the device with Jelly Bean.

Samsung Nexus S

The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Nexus S started rolling out on July 20th as reported by Gotta Be Mobile. During such time, many Nexus S owners also reported to have received notification about the update so Google actually kept its word.

For owners who have not received the update yet, it is advised they will contact their carriers for more information about the roll out. Some carriers have actually pushed back the update and many are still waiting until now. But the thing is the update is coming for Nexus S for sure.

In a Nutshell

Jelly Bean is an incremental upgrade and it basically uses the architecture of ICS to deliver the features Google promised. That explains why it comes as Android 4.1 and not the rumored 5.0. Samsung is yet to provide information regarding Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update and the abovementioned devices are among the ones that would surely get the latest OS.

Samsung Nexus S and Nexus S 4G To Get Ice Cream Sandwich In The Next Few Weeks

We were pretty sure that the Samsung Nexus S and Nexus S 4G would both get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. We just weren’t sure when.

Engadget leaked out some information late last night, that if it’s true, than we should see Ice Cream Sandwich on the Nexus S family in the coming weeks. There was really no hard core sourced information in Engadget’s post but we do believe they are still fairly well connected 😉

With that in mind, if you have the AWS model and you are inept enough to root than you can get a smooth running version of Ice Cream Sandwich. If not, it looks like the OTA could be any moment now. It also looks like Sprint will be pushing out Ice Cream Sandwich to their Nexus S 4G owners before the Galaxy Note arrives on their 4G/LTE network.

source: Engadget