Samsung Knox Notifications

Removing Samsung Knox Notifications

Samsung Knox aims to make up for the Android operating system’s security vulnerabilities. The new feature is supposedly Android’s response to the high-end security features of iOS and BlackBerry devices. Then, after the 4.3 update, Knox got integrated to the App Tray. Selecting this will automatically install the app and upgrade your security settings. However,

Samsung Responds To Samsung Knox Vulnerability

Last year Samsung announced a solution that allows consumers to secure their mobile devices making it ideal for use in the corporate environment. Samsung Knox provides a comprehensive solution that segregates corporate data from applications or personal use. While many corporate businesses are now using this, cyber security researchers from Ben Gurion University in Israel


Samsung KNOX vulnerable to malicious attacks: Report

Android is known to be prone to attacks from malicious apps and hackers. However, with Samsung’s endorsement of the KNOX security system, one got a sense of security with their premium Samsung flagships. This was supposed to be Samsung’s way of targeting BlackBerry which is known for its secure encryption service. But it seems like

Samsung Knox Notifications

BYOD: Can Android overtake iOS in the workplace? [Infographic]

Do you use mobile devices in the workplace? Two-thirds of businesses today encourage employees to use their own devices for communication or collaboration in the workplace, according to an infographic shared exclusively by cloud services provider Egnyte with The Droid Guy. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have increasingly penetrated into the workplace, but the


Samsung KNOX now available to certain high-end consumers

Early in 2013, Samsung decided it was time to step into the enterprise world, to compete with BlackBerry and grab some big agency contracts. Within 12 months, they have already grabbed a few big contracts from US agencies and pushed BlackBerry down in yet another mobile market. Samsung is now ready to launch the Samsung