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How to reset a Samsung Galaxy Tablet [tutorial]

There are two types of reset that you can perform an any Samsung Galaxy Tablet — soft reset and hard reset. Soft reset is a fancy term for what common folks refer to as restart. Restarting an electronics is usually used to fix minor bugs or performance issues. Restarting or soft resetting a device clears

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8 and 10.1 Inch Mistakenly Confirmed

Rumors of new Samsung galaxy devices in the works have been doing rounds for a couple of weeks now.  The rumors intensified about a week after the launch of the company’s flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4 and over the last two weeks, images of some of these devices and device specs from ‘credible’ sources found

Samsung New Device Rumors; Project J, New Galaxy Note, 13.3 Tablet

A new rumor, which I think is worth mentioning, surfaced today regarding new upcoming Samsung devices.  Before I dig into it though, I must mention that although we see man rumors every week, they all remain what they are – rumors – until we get sufficient proof of truth.  In regards to this new development,