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Sprint Wants Voice Added To Tablets

According to a report published Thursday by, Sprint is looking to add voice functionality to tablets. Jeff Adelmann, Director of Business Product Marketing for Sprint, suggested that telephony be added to tablets. He also went on to say that tablet adoption may continue at a slow rate until the functionality is included.  What he

Verizon Original Galaxy Tab Owners To Get Gingerbread

If you’re one of the owners of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab (the 7″ version) on Verizon Wireless we’ve got good news for you. Your tablet will soon be updated to Android 2.3, Gingerbread. According to Verizon Wireless the 70mb update will bring you Android 2.3.5 as well as several improvements to your Galaxy Tab.

Apple Wins Injunction Against Samsung In Australia

It doesn’t look good for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the land down under. Justice Annabelle Bennett, read from a summary judgement text in Sydney Australia Thursday.  She said that she weighed both sides of this patent argument to see who would suffer more while the entire patent case is being prepared. Bennett said