Galaxy S6 Edge stuck at ODIN (download) mode, other charging issues

Some of our readers have reported that their new #Samsung #GalaxyS6 phones are having difficulty booting past download mode for some unknown reason. Our post today addresses this issue as well as other related charging and power problems. Below are topics covered in this article: Galaxy S6 Edge stuck at ODIN (download) mode PC not

How to fix Wi-Fi issues on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Wi-Fi connectivity has become one of the indispensable core features of any smart device including the vaunted Samsung flagships, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. As Wi-Fi hotspots sprouts all over, it is hard to imagine using a $500 device without Wi-Fi functionality. While problems relating to Wi-Fi pales in comparison to other popular issues like

Fixing duplicate Yahoo Mail messages on Galaxy S6, other app issues

We have received three uncommon app issues for the #GalaxyS6 lately so we are posting them here to let the Android community know. These are the topics covered in this article: Yahoo Mail app on Galaxy S6 receiving duplicate emails ”Unfortunately Adobe Air has stopped” error keeps popping up on Galaxy S6 Email sync on

Twitter app on Galaxy S6 keeps crashing, other app issues

Wondering what to do because an app has been giving you headaches lately? This post may point you to the right direction. Keep in mind that regardless of the #GalaxyS6 app in question, the solutions are usually the same. If one of your apps is behaving similar to some of the apps mentioned here, our

Solutions to issues on Samsung Galaxy S6 when apps stop working

If you have been an Android smartphone user for the past few years, you probably would have encountered some annoying pop-ups telling you that an app has stopped working like this short line from one of our reader, Renza: “Unfortunately contacts has stopped” error message on phone.   Or perhaps this:   Brief but concise.

Solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Data, Wi-Fi Connection Problems [Part 1]

As we collate the continuous stream of requests for assistance from our readers who have Samsung Galaxy S6, we realize that a significant number of them are dealing with connection problems. This post is therefore created in response to the rising numbers of connectivity-related problems. We hope that this troubleshooter series can provide enough solutions for