Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge stops working after Lollipop update

With only a few months before another Android operating system (#AndroidMarshmallow) is planned to be released, it is unfortunate that Android Lollipop has not really been up to standards. We know that even now, 9 months after it was officially released, many devices including the new S6s and S6 Edges are still having problems with

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is bricked, does not start

Welcome to another post that deals with one of the most common problems our readers worldwide are having with their S6 Edge–#GalaxyS6EdgePowerProblems.   Some of the problems below are caused by hardware problems and, unfortunately, we can’t resolve them here. Our blog is mostly helpful in dealing with problems that are software or firmware in nature.

How to unroot Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to stock firmware

Just like the stock ROM, some custom ROMs freely floating around the web can suffer from problems due a lot of factors. Some of these ROMs can cause instability and incompatibility problems like the ones below. #UnrootSamsungGalaxyS6Edge I got a update from my carrier on July 13th 2015, the following morning I was playing clash

Solutions For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge App-Related Issues [Part 1]

Hi Guys! If you are looking for answers to your app problems you may have on your Galaxy S6 Edge, you’ve come to the right place. Our article today provides solutions for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge app-related issues. We don’t focus on one particular app here so if you encounter bugs with whatever app in your