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Samsung Galaxy S5 power issues

Galaxy S5 shuts down on its own, more power charging issues

Are you experiencing charging issues on your #Samsung #GalaxyS5 phone? If yes, this article may help you in finding the solution that may have evade you until this time. Below are the issues discussed in this post: Galaxy S5 shuts down on its own Galaxy S5 no longer charging using the original charger Charging port

Causes of Galaxy S5 fast battery drain issue, other issues

Charging your phone more often nowadays? You’re not imagining it. The longer you have been using your phone, the more frequent you should be charging it. That’s normal for a Lithium-based battery. Read on to know more about it! Our article today deals with these topics: Causes of Galaxy S5 fast battery drain issue Galaxy

Galaxy S5 no longer charges, other power problems

Welcome to another post that answers the questions of some of our readers having difficulty turning on or charging their #Samsung #GalaxyS5. Below are the topics discussed in this article: Samsung Galaxy S5 showing “The connected charger is incompatible with this phone” error after it got wet, won’t charge properly Galaxy S5 bitten by dog