Galaxy S4 does not boot in normal mode, other power issue

Years after #Samsung released the #GalaxyS4, we still continue to receive a steady stream of questions and requests for assistance regarding this once vaunted phone. This post covers power and boot problems shared by our readers from the last few weeks. These are the topics discussed in this article: Galaxy S4 becomes totally unresponsive and

Galaxy S4 cannot make and receive calls, other call-related issues

Problems related to making and getting calls happen from time to time across the entire spectrum of Android devices so it’s not surprising that some #Samsung #GalaxyS4 have reported them to us. If you are looking for solutions for your own calls-related issue, this post might help. Below are the topics covered in this article: Galaxy

Galaxy S4 stuck in Samsung logo screen and other update problems

Updates, whether for apps or Android OS, can make or break. This has been proven time and again ever since the very first Android version was released. While updates are obviously intended to fix known bugs and enhance user experience, some unintended problems do appear after they’re installed. The appearance of Android Lollipop did not improve

Solutions to Samsung Galaxy S4 Lollipop Update Issues [Part 3]

Welcome to the third part of our series dedicated to addressing issues encountered by S4 users after updating to Lollipop. As mentioned in our second post, we are expanding this series to do our part in educating Android users on the problems affecting S4 devices due to the recent Lollipop update. You will notice that

Solutions for Galaxy S4 Keyboard, Input Problems [Part 2]

Welcome to our second installment of this troubleshooting series to fix keyboard issues on your Galaxy S4s. If you missed the first part, simply follow this link. It appears that we have covered all the keyboard issues for Samsung Galaxy S4 in our two articles but we won’t hesitate to publish more posts if you request

Solutions for Galaxy S4 Keyboard, Input Problems [Part 1]

Keyboard issues are some of the most annoying problems any Android user may encounter. It’s not surprising that they are also some of the most common problems we receive from our loyal readers. Today, we give you six different issues and how to fix them. If you have any keyboard-related problems, let us know about them by