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Samsung Galaxy S3 Developer Edition Coming to Verizon Soon

The partnership between Samsung and Verizon is going deeper as both announced they will soon be offering Samsung Galaxy S3 Developer Edition for $599, although the release date hasn’t been disclosed yet. This variant will give people who want to customize their device using third-party firmware or applications a chance to manipulate both software and


Stock ROM Image Released for Verizon Galaxy S III

With the dark clouds in the form of Apple yet to get away from the horizon before Samsung can say this is smooth sailing from now on, they have some good news, at least for the time being. The Samsung Galaxy S3 now has a stock ROM for the Verizon version. This means we could


iPhone 5 Coming With Quad-Core Processor, Rumors Say

It appears that whatever would be the mutual differences and current state of affairs between the two giants of the tablet and smartphone market, Apple is looking up to Samsung when it comes to the release of their fifth generation iPhone. Market rumors are suggesting that at the heart of the iPhone 5 will be the

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Now Available, Other Carriers to Follow

After more than a week delay, US mobile phone carrier Sprint Nextel finally releases its variant of the popular [easyazon-link asin=”B00891PTQM” locale=”us”]Samsung Galaxy S3[/easyazon-link]. Starting today, anyone can pick up a 16GB unit from Sprint’s retail stores, online and telesales services for $199.99, while the 32GB will only be available through the latter two retail

Could Samsung Galaxy S3 Sell 10 Million Units by End of July?

It wasn’t just a rumor when Samsung reported that the pre-orders for Galaxy S3 ([easyazon-link asin=”B0080DJ6CM” locale=”us”]GS3[/easyazon-link]) reached more than 9 million units. The question that the company is trying to answer right now is whether or not its newest flagship could hit 10-million mark in sales by the end of July. GS3 achieved popularity

AT&T Pushes Back Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date to June 28th

Update (June 28th 2:43pm ET): Just did a similar exercise with T-Mobile and Sprint to check their release dates in local stores of the major markets.  T-Mobile appears to be the winner in this race.  I put in calls to six regions in the country, the cities include Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Miami, and

Verizon Announced Global Roaming for Samsung Galaxy S3

Verizon will soon send out an Over The Air or OTA update that will allow subscribers using devices with 4G LTE connectivity to enjoy global roaming. Verizon had long been offering global roaming for other devices, but recently-released phone models have not been able to avail of this service thus far. Among the phones which

Samsung Galaxy S III tear down results

The Samsung Galaxy S III was announced not more a few weeks ago, and a lot of people are waiting around the world for the smart phone to be released into the public. Once developers get this in their hands, there is no stopping them from modding it the way they want and bringing out

Samsung Galaxy SIII Android Smartphone

Is June 20th the Magic Date for Unveiling Galaxy S3 in US?

The credibility of June 20th being the big day for the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy SIII got a boost with its unveiling in Australia on Thursday May 31st.   Samsung Galaxy SIII, already nicknamed the ‘super-phone’ and the ‘mother of all smartphones’ by enthusiasts and reviewers has already hit Europe, most parts of Asia

Samsung Galaxy S 3 getting a head start on the iPhone

Samsung unveiled the ‘Android King of the Year’ a few weeks ago at an event, and since then, a lot of Samsung fans have been waiting around the world for the phone like predators waiting for their preys. The company will start shipping the phones to 28 European and Middle East countries shortly including the