Fixing Galaxy S3 that Automatically Reboots and Powers Up

“Please help, my Galaxy S3 automatically shuts off without apparent reason. It started when I got an error message like ‘google process stopped working’ last week. I don’t know how to fix the problem so I need your help or suggestions on this matter. Thank you and more power to The Droid Guy.” That’s apparently

Samsung Galaxy S3 Emails Reappear After Deletion [How To Fix]

Among the most common email problems in the Samsung Galaxy S3 is when deleted messages reappear the next time you launch the stock Email app. It’s not a rare problem, in fact, many have been complaining about this and we’ve received tons of emails asking for solutions to this problem. Let’s try to look at

Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 1]

UPDATE: To make it easier for you to find problems we’ve already addressed, I prepared Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems and Solutions Index. UPDATE: 3/7/14 – I have just published the second part of this series answering 15 questions/problems sent by our readers. If you emailed us about the problems you currently have with your Galaxy

S3 Flashing Camera Light

Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 3]

It’s time for the third installation of our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems series. I answered a lot of questions / problems in this post so take time to browse. If your problem cannot be found in this part, try reading the first two parts of the series: Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update

Samsung Galaxy S3 Gallery App Does Not Open / Unresponsive

This is one of the most common problems that owners of Samsung Galaxy S3 have been complaining about. Although considered one of the most sophisticated gadgets in the world, the phone is not free from problems. Consumers experienced various software problems like frequent crashes, freezes, unresponsiveness and random error messages. In this post we have

Getting Rid of the Voicemail Icon in Samsung Galaxy S3

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 was one of the most powerful device in 2012 and even today, it was plagued with problems that thousands ,if not millions, of owners are experiencing. Aside from connectivity issues, one common problem was that the voicemail icon seemed not to go away even after the voicemail was deleted by

Samsung Galaxy S3 problem

Samsung Galaxy S3 Problem in Installing or Updating Apps

Last time, we featured the solutions to the Samsung Galaxy S3 problem related to downloading apps from the Google Play Store. The problem includes getting stuck in the “Starting to Download” message of the store or getting an error message. Possible Causes of the Galaxy S3 Problem in App Installation or Updating As mentioned in

Galaxy S3 Problems in Downloading Apps From Google Play

  There are some users who complain about their Galaxy S3 having problems in downloading apps and that includes getting stuck at the “Starting Download” message. Among the key reasons why your download is not pushing through is that you may no longer have extra space in your internal memory. Another is that your cache

How To Fix A Galaxy S3 That Won’t Turn On [Troubleshooting Guide]

We receive hundreds of emails each week from our readers reporting–many actually complain–about the problems they encountered with their phone. In one of the emails, our reader, a Samsung Galaxy S3 owner, said his phone was fully-charged but about an hour later, he found it turned off. The worst part is, he couldn’t power it

Ways To Keep RAM Usage Low On Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was one of the most powerful smartphones ever released in 2012 with quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. But the fact is, if the specs had been lower than what Samsung gave it, the device could have been unusable. Freezes and lags are just two of the most common performance problems encountered

Verizon Galaxy S3 User Problems and How To Fix Them

[UPDATE] We created an index for all Samsung Galaxy S3 problems, errors and glitches we’ve addressed, I suggest you visit our Galaxy S3 Troubleshooting page. I’m sure there are problems related to what you’re having now as we’ve addressed more than 500 problems already. This is the first of our Verizon Galaxy S3 Problems series

How To Fix Galaxy S3 Problems After 4.3 Jelly Bean Update [Part 5]

We’ve covered a lot of Samsung Galaxy S3 problems after the fourth installment of our Galaxy S III Problems and Solutions series. But since we received hundreds of emails from our readers, we will continue publishing posts like this to address their concerns. They spent time writing those emails–many of those are very long–so it

How To Fix Galaxy S3 WiFi Authentication Error

The WiFi Authentication Error in Samsung Galaxy S3 has been bugging a lot of users lately. Many thought the problem was caused by a bug but it wasn’t. It turned out that the authentication problem is simple to fix. Majority of users who reported to have experienced the issue said they have fixed the problem

Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems After Android 4.3 Update [Part 2]

UPDATE: We listed all problems, solutions, troubleshooting guides, tips and tricks into one page to make it easier for you to find information you’re looking for. Visit our Samsung Galaxy S3 Index page. Apparently, this is the second part of our Galaxy S3 Problems series and there are 15 questions / problems cited in this

How To Solve Samsung Galaxy S3 “No SIM” Card Problem

We have already answered some questions regarding the Galaxy S3 “No SIM” card problem and errors related with it. However, the information we’ve provided wasn’t enough especially for non-savvy users pushing them to send us email asking us to provide more detailed tutorial on how to solve the problem. So here it is… Overview of

How To Solve Galaxy S3 Insufficient Internal Memory Problem

A lot of users confuse internal memory with RAM that’s why when “Insufficient Internal Memory” problem occurs in their Galaxy S3, they don’t know what to and where to look. Although we have covered this problem from our previous publication, many of our readers emailed us asking how to solve this error. If you are