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Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G

Best Buy Offers Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G for $99.99

Best Buy is selling the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G for $99.99. This will tie users to a two-year contract with T-Mobile. By comparison, the device was priced $150, again with a two-year contract from T-Mobile when it was launched last September 19. Meanwhile, those who want a contract-free device will have to shell

Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G to Come with S4 Processor

The Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G has been in the news a lot over the past couple of weeks.  It started with rumors that this mid-range Android smartphone was dubbed the Galaxy S Blaze Q (it could have been true before Samsung changed it), and later about how it was supposed to have almost similar

The Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G Is On Its Way To T-Mobile

The new Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G is now on its way to T-Mobile according to an announcement from the carrier as well as Samsung. The Galaxy S Relay 4G is a handset exclusively offered by T-Mobile in the United States. It boasts of several features such as Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and access

Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G

Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G Unveiled Prior to Official Launch

For some fascinating reasons, Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G lately emerges on the company’s website before its official launch date. Initially appearing on the South Korean manufacturer’s official site was a complete 360-external view of the freshly renamed and soon to be released Samsung handset. While it was just a short appearance, the images that

Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G Leaked

The previously reported Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q will not be hitting the market as T-Mobile is preparing for the launch for Galaxy S Relay 4G which is basically the same device with different name. A blog dedicated to delivering latest news from carrier T-Mobile published a leaked training document a couple of days ago