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Samsung Galaxy S IV

Troubleshooting Four Major Battery-Related Issues with Samsung Galaxy S4

About half a year since its starter, there have been quite a number of complaints raised from owners of Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4. Among these issues include those that are associated with battery performance such as endurance degradation, swelling and overheating, and the like. In this content, we will illustrate and

Verizon Galaxy S4 Common Problems and Ways To Fix Them

As of this writing, we already published 18 parts of our Galaxy S4 Problems and Solution series. This post, however, goes to all Verizon Galaxy S4 owners who may have issues with their phone. These problems are common so you may encounter one of them any time. Verizon has its own support and you can

Videos on Galaxy S4

Problem in Playing Videos on Galaxy S4

One reader asked, “I am having problems playing videos from my YouTube, Facebook and Tweetcaster apps using my Samsung Galaxy S IV. Whenever I try to open videos from those apps, it always displays the ‘Can’t play this video’ error message after unsuccessfully loading the contents for around 20 seconds. Is there a way to

Apple posts reasons on why you should choose the iPhone

Immediately after the Samsung Galaxy S IV was launched, Apple published a new mini-website that aims to convince consumers to choose their handset over Samsung’s Android flagship phone of 2013. The mini-website lists fourteen reasons that supposedly make them the better choice versus the competition. First, Apple says that their device has been recognized as

U.S. wireless carriers confirm impending arrival of Samsung Galaxy S IV

The newly-released Samsung Galaxy S IV is, without a doubt, one of the most hotly-anticipated smartphones this year, so it comes to no surprise that many mobile carriers in the United States will sell it. Nonetheless, a confirmation from these companies is always a reassurance that Samsung’s Android flagship handset will indeed be available in

Samsung Galaxy S IV to be unveiled on March 14th

A new report posted on Sam Mobile shows that the Samsung Galaxy S IV may be unveiled on March 14th. The source of their information is a tweet by Eldar Murtazin, founder of Mobile-Review, a Russian technology website. Says Murzatin: “Save the date for a big announcement – March 14 🙂 And keep silence 😉

Samsung Galaxy S IV to come with touchless gestures

Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S IV, is one of the most anticipated devices that will be launched this year. Samsung Galaxy S IV will of course be a high end phone, and the Galaxy S III has set the bar high, so the S IV should be definitely interesting. Apart from that,

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Could Be Releasing In May

Samsung’s Lebanon Facebook page, although beating around the bush, has announced when Samsung expects to launch the successor to the extremely popular Galaxy S III, the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Granted, this news isn’t a huge surprise considering it is usually expected that an S device is released around May-June as is usual. Here’s the

Allegedly Leaked Samsung Galaxy S4 Photo Circulates Online

A supposedly leaked press image of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV has found its way online. The image, which was published by the Sam Mobile blog, is said to be from a Samsung insider. Nonetheless, the website states that they are not a hundred percent sure if the image is the real deal. The

Samsung Galaxy S IV To Launch In April With S Pen Functionality

It sounds like the Galaxy S IV will be launching in April folks. That’s not all though. A rumor straight out of Korea claims that this will be the first Galaxy S device to launch with an S Pen and the needed functionality. Apparently Samsung is allegedly looking to unite their Note series with their upcoming flagship,

Samsung Galaxy S4 slated for February 2013 launch

Amidst all the commotions built around Apple-Samsung legal feud, the South Korean manufacturer is allegedly planning to launch a follow-up for Galaxy S3, a Korean newspaper revealed Monday, September 17th. Samsung Galaxy S4 is reportedly being slated for a February 2013 release. Apparently, the company is not planning to let go of its Galaxy series