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Qualified Rumor: Samsung Galaxy SII HD 4G LTE Headed To AT&T Launching Next Month?

So we received this interesting tip this morning from one of our Twitter followers. He said that he had heard from a friend of his who is an AT&T Core store manager that the Austin Texas market was getting ready to rollout 4G/LTE on AT&T and that because of that they weren’t getting the Samsung Galaxy S II.

A call to the MoPac store revealed that the tipper was correct. They don’t carry the Samsung Galaxy S II in store, they can order it for you.  Then we called the West 5th street store in Austin.  An associate that identified himself as a manager said that they are not carrying the Samsung Galaxy S II or the Motorola Atrix 2 because they are in his words “Planning an aggressive 4G/LTE rollout”.

As the conversation continued he said that they were getting a special version of the Samsung Galaxy S II next month when 4G/LTE launches in Austin Texas and a bunch of other markets.  I told him that our contract ends around Thanksgiving (and it does) and he said that if I waited until that time I would be able to get the special version of the Samsung Galaxy S II.

So why is this rumor “qualified” for us find out after the break

Samsung Galaxy S II HD With LTE Clears FCC

No that’s not some strange Samsung tongue twister, the Samsung Galaxy S II HD with LTE has found it’s way to the FCC’s Columbia Maryland test facility. The device carrying the number SHV-E120L.

The Samsung Galaxy S II HD was originally reported in September to be headed exclusively to Korea. Now it looks like it may show up on North American shores.  Although the hot speculation is that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (or is it Nexus Galaxy) and the Samsung Droid Prime, are the reasons that Verizon Wireless didn’t get the initial Samsung Galaxy S II, the S II HD LTE throws another mysterious kink into that thought process.

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