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Samsung Galaxy S III plays host to a lot of external devices

It is true that Androd is a very powerful operating system built for both fun and productivity, but having fun with productivity as the outcome is also equally true in case of the Android operating system. And the newly released¬†[easyazon-link asin=”B0080DJ6CM” locale=”us”]Samsung Galaxy S III[/easyazon-link] takes the fun and the productivity features of the Android ecosystem to a whole new level by playing host of a variety of external devices. And all these devices are USB based.

We already know that the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy S II are capable of making use of external keyboard, mouse, USB flash drives, and more using the micorUSB to full size USB converter cable that the manufacturer offers. Now, the new Samsun Galaxy S III takes this to a new level. The smart phone is capable of handling all the devices mentioned here along with more devices. And not just that, the smart phone will handle more than one of them at a time using a USB hub. Ubergizmo writes:

This was discovered by XDA forum member, NZtechfreak who posted a video where he showcased a number of devices connected to the Galaxy S3. These devices include a USB flash drive, an external hard drive, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and even the Nintendo Wii controllers. He also managed to attach a keyboard and mouse to the device as well!


Well, that sure sounds fun. Are you interested? These are the devices which have been tested to work. And this is one of the features discovered. There may be many more such features which are hidden in the smart phone and which need a lot of digging into. Well, I will start digging in as soon as I get my Samsung Galaxy S III (yes, I am still waiting). What about you?

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