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Various Samsung Galaxy Questions Sent to Us in Facebook

samsung galaxy series

samsung galaxy series

This is a compilation of several questions about the Samsung Galaxy series, which were sent to us through the official Facebook page of The Droid Guy, plus quick answers to them.

Question #1 — Dropped Samsung Galaxy Phone

Judy asked, “My daughter dropped my Galaxy phone, which is not even two months old. A blue dot on the screen spread to cover it and now it has black screen. Any hope? I have no insurance on phone.”


The flex cable or the LCD must be damaged. But before replacing them, check first if some of the ribbons are just loosely connected. Tighten the screws of your device too in order to improve the contact of its parts. If that fails, the mentioned parts may already need replacement.

Question #2 — Can’t Uninstall the Line App

Herman asked, “Bro, may I know how come I cannot uninstall the Line app? It’s like as though a system app in the 4.3 update I got OTA. I am using a Galaxy S3 not rooted. Any idea, because I need to clear some apps to release some RAM.”


First, try to Force Stop the app through Application Manager and attempt to uninstall it. You can also try uninstalling the app via Safe Mode. If that fails, try out some of the uninstaller apps found in Google Play. When everything fails, backup every data that you need and perform a Factory Reset for a quick clean up.

Question #3 — Aftermarket Car and Wall Chargers are Not Working

Steven said, “I have a Note 3 model SMN900A. I have tried two different aftermarket wall and car chargers. None have worked any suggestion.”


Make sure that the charger that you are using is specifically-designed for the Galaxy Note 3 or at least released. Contributors in several forums, however, confirmed that standard car and wall chargers worked for their Note 3 devices. In addition, see to it that the charger you are using has an ampere that corresponds to your unit’s requirements. You can check the amp requirement of your device by looking at the print in its original charger.

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