Solutions to Android 5.1.1 Problems on Samsung Galaxy phones

Updates are meant to improve user experience and fix bugs but sometimes they don’t quite pan out as expected. Case in point is Android Lollipop and its subsequent updates. Months after Lollipop was released, many users are still experiencing system update-related issues. Though it’s unfair to blame Google or Samsung for this unfortunate situation, most

Fixing Galaxy Note 4 sound problems

Looking for solutions to your #GalaxyNote4 audio problems? This post might help you. Below are the topics in this post: Galaxy Note 4 music volume too low Galaxy Note 4 loses sounds, only vibration Galaxy Note 4 turns off sound every 10 minutes Galaxy Note 4 keeps turning down volume settings Default music player on

Fixing Galaxy Note 4 freezing or slow performance issues

Noticed some lag or freezing problem on your #GalaxyNote4 lately? It might be RAM issue, or something more serious. Whatever the real reason is, we know firsthand how frustrating it can be to spend several seconds of our life staring at that loading screen (especially when this wasn’t the case before). Slow performance problems can

Galaxy Note 4 randomly reboots and stuck at Samsung logo screen

Our post for today is another addition to our troubleshooting series that provides solutions for power-related issues on #GalaxyNote4 devices. These are the topics discussed in this article: Galaxy Note 4 reboots when signal is lost Galaxy Note 4 shuts down when battery level is below 20% Galaxy Note 4 no longer charging Galaxy Note 4

Solutions for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 mobile data problems

One of the common problems we often receive from our readers involves connectivity. A large part of these issues talks of having difficulty establishing a stable, reliable mobile data connection so we have decided to create this post. Below are 7 different mobile data-related problems and their solutions. If you have your own Android connectivity issues, please

Galaxy Note 4 lags when typing PIN, other operating system problems

This is a special post that tackles 4 uncommon problems on the #GalaxyNote4 reported by our community to us. Below are the topics discussed in this post: How to unlock Galaxy Note 4 when fingerprint scanner, backup password, and Android Device Manager do not help Facebook app freezes constantly on Galaxy Note 4 Galaxy Note

Google app keeps crashing on Galaxy Note 4, more app issues

Welcome to another post dedicated to solving app-related problems of #GalaxyNote4. Just like the others, this post is a collection of problems that fall in the same category. If you are looking for solutions for your app woes, this may be of help. These are the topics discussed in this post: Facebook app on Galaxy

Fixing Galaxy Note 4 fast battery drains issue, other power problems

Have you noticed that you seem to be charging your #GalaxyNote4 more often than usual lately? Keep reading and this post may help you point to the right direction. Keep in mind that power issues may not have the same cause. Although not uncommon, this issue often involves doing a number of troubleshooting steps to identify what