What To Do When Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Shuts Down Automatically

The automatic shutdown is a common problem to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, although the problem is vague in a sense that each case may be caused by different factors. We’ve received a lot of emails from our readers regarding this issue and it’s about time we’ll answer some of the questions related to this

How to Fix Galaxy Note 2 Stuck in Safe Mode

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a fail-safe in case things don’t work the way they should after boot up–Safe Mode. When a third-party app has gone rogue and causing too much trouble affecting the normal operation, the phone reboots to Safe Mode. If the software develops some conflicts with the while running, the phone will

How To Fix TouchWiz Freezes / Lags on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a powerful smartphone, many owners aren’t happy about its performance especially the ones who have experienced lags and freezes. But the thing is, those annoyances come out not because of the phone’s hardware but because of TouchWiz UI, Samsung’s proprietary application that runs on top of Android operating

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Headset / Headphones Not Working [How To Fix]

There were reports from owners suggesting some Samsung Galaxy Note 2 headsets are defective upon delivery. We cannot concur with this but we are not shoving the possibility that it could happen to anybody. The fact is, after almost a year since we opened our mailbox to our readers, I have read countless emails complaining

How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 To Stock Firmware

Using a popular flashing tool called Odin, it is easy to unroot your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so it would run on a stock firmware again. Unrooting your phone is important especially if you’re planning to claim a warranty for your device. If you’ve rooted your phone already, I assume you already know the importance,