Best inexpensive Android phablets: bigger + cheaper = better

Bigger is better. That’s a nutshell description of the recent mobile market trend favoring size over palpable “innovation”, which some tried to enforce as a rule for future “evolution”. But it didn’t really catch on as an ultimate dictum. Instead, many nuanced it, envisioning a world of not just super-sized gadgets, but giants with a

Galaxy Mega 6.3

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 starts getting KitKat update

It seems to be raining KitKat on Samsung phones this week. We’ve seen US Cellular and Sprint roll out the KitKat update for the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, and now, Samsung is pushing the latest version of the OS to the Galaxy Mega 6.3, the largest phone in its extensive smartphone lineup.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Gets Launched In South Korea

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 has already been available in the US and European markets since last June however it is just beginning to be released in its home country. Samsung has announced that they will be releasing the model this month in South Korea and it will be available for SK Telecom, KT and

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 for AT&T Makes a Stop at FCC

Samsung recently unveiled a 6.3 inch monster phablet which it said was intended for customers in the Russian and Asian market.  The same mini-tablet-cum-phone is now destined for the US market, after it made a stop at the FCC.  Mega is different from Samsung’s sub-line of Galaxy Note in that it does not come with