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Mystery Samsung SM-G3518 Surfaces in China, Joining the Galaxy Core Family Soon

Oh, look, Samsung has another mid-range Galaxy S4 lookalike in the pipeline. Model numbered SM-G3518, this thing has very obvious close ties with the Galaxy Core Plus (aka G3500), though its official name is quite the tough nut to crack.


Galaxy Core Advance? Nah, that’s taken already by an underwhelming 4.7-incher with WVGA resolution, modest dual-core SoC but some extremely useful pre-loaded features and functions for the visually impaired.

How about… Galaxy Core Plus Advance? Galaxy Core Plus Pro? Galaxy Core Plus LTE? Galaxy Core Plus Advance Pro Neo Fresh Young 4G LTE? You may think I’m kidding, but I wouldn’t put it past Samsung to baptize the SM-G3518 with any of those monikers. Okay, save for the last one.

Ultimately though, it’d be fitting (and simple) to just call this the Galaxy Core LTE. Worst case scenario, Galaxy Core Plus LTE. You know, since it’s basically a Core Plus (not to be mistaken with the Core Advance) with added TD-LTE and FDD-LTE support for China Mobile.

From an aesthetical standpoint, there doesn’t seem to be much to set the SM-G3518 and Core Plus apart, yet in the hardware and software departments a number of things are tweaked. The dual-core 1.2 GHz processor of the Core Plus keeps the clocking speed while doubling down on the number of cores, the rear camera will sport an 8 MP sensor (vs. 5 on the Core Plus), and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is to run the software show (vs. 4.2).


Meanwhile, the display grows in size (4.52 vs. 4.3 inches), but maintains the meager resolution (800 x 480 pixels), so no idea if you should look at this as an upgrade or downgrade. What else? Oh, yeah, the RAM is unchanged: 1 GB.

Oddly, the SM-G3518 only gains 2 grams or so in weight (for a total of 134), and adds 0.4 mm to the thickness. Hmm, could it be a 4.3-incher after all?

Not sure, which is also what can be said about the possibility of the mid-ranger launching globally. It’s definitely coming to China, and fairly soon, as per today’s Tenaa approval, but it’s the next few weeks that will confirm or disprove an eventual worldwide rollout. Either way, there’s nothing to get overly excited about here.

Via [Ameblo]