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Easy steps to fix Samsung Galaxy A60 that keeps restarting

It seems like some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A60 complained because their device keeps restarting for no apparent reason. When it comes to performance issues, there’s always a possibility that the problem is just due to a firmware-related problem or it could be a more serious hardware issue. You just need to troubleshoot your

Quick Fix for Samsung Galaxy A60 that won’t turn on

While the Samsung Galaxy A60 is one of the top mid-range devices in 2019, it’s not free of issues and errors. In fact, we already received quite a lot of complaints from owners of this device. Others reported that their units won’t turn on after they powered down on their own without apparent reason. That’s

How to Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy A60 [Tutorials]

A hard reset or master reset is a very important procedure and if you’re an owner of the new Samsung Galaxy A60 or any smartphone for that matter, you should know how to do it because we really don’t know when problems would occur. There are times when you will be left with nothing else