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Samsung Chromebook Pro Vs Asus Flip

Samsung Chromebook Pro Vs Asus Flip C302CA Best Chromebook 2019

Samsung and ASUS are fierce competitors when it comes to computer hardware, such as laptops, and the Chromebook market is no different. Samsung and ASUS have both launched their own mid-range Chromebooks that have some great power in the hardware department as well as in the display package.

Best Chromebook LinkPrice on
SamsungSamsung Chromebook Pro505
AsusASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA583.1

So, you have the Samsung Chromebook Pro and the ASUS Flip. Both are pretty different devices, with the Chromebook Pro being more geared towards business use, whereas the ASUS Flip is better for standard home use. It’s still used for work just fine, just doesn’t have the many extra features that comes with the Chromebook Pro.

Which one do you get? Both are pretty much the same as far as hardware goes, but they do differ in looks and the added functionality that they offer. If you’re having trouble making a decision, you’ve come to the right place.

Be sure to follow along below, we’ll pit the two against each other, comparing them, and show you which one is the best to get for your money!

Samsung Chromebook Pro

First up, you should consider the Samsung Chromebook Pro. It has a sleek, jet black and low profile design, making it perfect for portability. Really, it was designed to primarily be used as a tablet, but with the display being on a 360-degree hinge, you can use it in tablet or laptop mode. However, it comes with a stylus for using with the tablet, as well as an array of apps to help you out in work and play.

The hardware package is pretty sweet, featuring an Intel Celeron M3 processor. It idles at 0.99GHz, but you can overclock (or Turbo Boost) it up to a whopping 2.2GHz. You get 4GB of RAM and 32GB of flash storage. With your purchase, you do get 100GB of Google Drive storage as well.

Finally, you have the display. It’s a little smaller at 12.3-inches. However, it has a phenomenal, crisp appearance with a resolution of 2,400 x 1,600. With that in mind, all of your favorite movies and TV shows are going to look great on this screen. Not only that, but you’ll get detailed views for photo editing, if you so choose.

The battery life is fairly impressive, too. A single charge will get you nine hours of normal usage, so you can actually get a full workday out of this.

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ASUS Flip Chromebook

And then, we have the ASUS Flip. It has a similar size screen to the Samsung Chromebook Pro — it comes in at 12.5-inches. However, the resolution is a little less at 1,920 x 1,080. It’s Full HD, so you’ll still get a detailed view of your favorite movies and TV shows. It’s on a 360-degree hinge (thus the “Flip” term in its name), and can easily be converted into tablet or laptop mode.

It has a fairly nice processor package, too. It’s slightly better than the Samsung Chromebook Pro in that it has an Intel Celeron M5 processor; it’s more efficient than the Celeron M3 in the Samsung Chromebook Pro, meaning you can eek out just a bit more battery life in this laptop. It has 4GB of RAM and double the storage as the Samsung Chromebook Pro at 64GB. No matter what you’re doing, the ASUS Flip will be able to fly through tasks and the most demanding applications without a problem.

It has a pretty neat design as well. You get a MacBook Pro-esque design, with the only differentiating factors being the ASUS logo on the display’s bezel, and then the slightly lighter color tone.

This is perfect for those always on the go, as it has a battery that can last up to 10 hours off of a single charge. It’s about an extra hour than what you would get out of the Samsung Chromebook Pro — and that’s under normal use, of course. You just won’t be able to get a full 10 hours when watching video all day.

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So, which Chromebook should you get? In this scenario, we recommend going with the ASUS Flip — you get slightly better hardware the Intel Celeron M5 processor, and for the same price. Not only that, but you get double the flash storage at 64GB. That lightweight feel and extra hour of battery life also makes the Flip a little better than the Samsung Chromebook Pro in terms of portability. In addition, you’ll get a premium looking chassis with the MacBook Pro-esque design. You can’t go wrong with the ASUS Flip at all.

Best Chromebook LinkPrice on
SamsungSamsung Chromebook Pro505
AsusASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA583.1