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Samsung to Bring Galaxy Note Pro, Tab Pro and Tab Lite tablets Early 2014

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been on top of the developments in the Android device market, especially tablets, and Samsung fans that the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, Tab Pro and Tab Lite tablets may be coming to a store near you in early 2014.

Samsung is popular for offering a wide range of variants of their devices and this comes just days after reliable sources rumored that Samsung is working on a range of tablets including a 12.2 inch Galaxy Note tablet that turned out to be the Galaxy Note Pro (read it here), 10.1 inch and 8.4 inch versions of Galaxy Tab 3 Game Editions that will come bundled with a wireless controller and HDMI adapter and the another 7 inch Tab 3 Lite as well as a range of other devices (Adrian rounded up the list here), you can check it out.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro


Back to the matter at hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, Tab Pro and Tab lite tablets are rumored to be ready for a January or February 2014 launch, probably during the next CES, but details on these tablets are still minimum and shaky.  The folks at SamMobile claim that the model numbers of the tablets are SM-T320/T325 for the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, SM-T520/T525 Galaxy for the Tab Pro 10.1, SM-P900/P905 for the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and SM-T110/T111 Galaxy Tab 3 Lite.  These tablets will come in two variants – an LTE and a Wi-Fi only model except for the 7 inch Tab 3 Lite which will only be available in 3G and will be fairly priced at about £100 (about $136 US) and will be the first to launch in Cream White color unlike the others that will be available in White and Black colors.

The 7 inch Galaxy Tab 3 is expected to launch in the second week of 2014 followed by the 10.1 Galaxy Tab Pro about a week later.  What we may already know is the Tab Pro 8.4 and 10.1 will have 16 GB onboard memory while the Note Pro 12.2, whose picture has apparently been made available via, will have a 32 GB internal memory.  As always, all these devices will have microSD card slots for memory expansion.

That’s about all we know about these devices now.  If you are awaiting them, whether for home, school or work use, at least we now have a date they may be available.

Courtesy of SamMobile via Android Community