Sailfish OS To Become Available For Download To Android Devices

Jolla, a Finland based company started by former Nokia employees, recently announced that its mobile operating system called Sailfish OS is now at version 1.0 and is ready for global distribution. What makes this OS attractive is that it is able to run Android applications. It will also soon become available for download to run

Jolla’s Sailfish OS gets ported onto a Nexus 4

The Jolla Sailfish OS has been successfully ported onto the Nexus 4 thanks to some handy work done by a developer. It was known in the past that the Sailfish OS is pretty versatile and Jolla has specified that it is compatible with Android hardware as well as software, so it was only a matter

Jolla wants Sailfish OS to find a home on Android devices

Jolla officially launched its first Sailfish OS running smartphone a few days ago with the ability to run Android apps. With Android being one of the largest mobile platforms in the world, it’s no surprise that the team chose to bring Android compatibility with their OS. However, according to the CEO of Jolla, the team

What Jolla’s Sailfish OS-powered phone means for the Android ecosystem

Jolla has released its first batch of Sailfish OS-powered smartphones. What will this mean for Android? Loyal Nokia fans cried foul when the Finnish mobile phone maker suddenly jumped on the Windows Phone bandwagon (if there is one, at all), thereby abandoning its own Symbian platform, which had powered Nokia smartphones for so long. According

Jolla smartphone specifications

More Jolla smartphone specifications published

More Jolla smartphone specifications have been officially revealed on the Jolla Mobile Facebook page. The list provides more details as compared to the set that the Sailfish OS creator published yesterday. Jolla smartphone specifications The Jolla smartphone specifications include the Linux-based Sailfish operating system, live multitasking, 16 GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot,

Jolla and Android compatibility

Sailfish and Android compatibility announced

Jolla Mobile has issued a press release regarding the Sailfish and Android compatibility today. This means that apps made for Android can now run on the Sailfish operating system without the need for additional modifications to be made. Sailfish has also stated that it is communicating with the various Android app stores to make the

Jolla’s Sailfish OS Gets the Hands-On Treatment

Nokia’s promising looking MeeGo platform was ditched once and for all when the Finns got too focused on Windows Phone 7, thanks largely to the entry of Stephen Elop. The MeeGo platform was an evolution of Maemo which featured on handsets like the N900. The last known MeeGo handset was the Nokia N9 and the