How to make slow Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus run faster again?

Over time, even powerful smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will become sluggish and there are countless factors to consider which such issue occurs. Since we started providing free online support to our readers since 2012, we’ve been a witness to countless problems smartphone owners encountered with their devices. Even now, we still encounter

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus No Service issue

Hello Android fans! Welcome to today’s troubleshooting episode for the #GalaxyS9. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about this device for the past few days so below is our answer to some of them. Problem #1: How to fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus No Service issue I travel a lot internationally but mainly use

How to fix Galaxy S9 Plus overheating issue due to app or software bug

Many Android owners are asking us on how to deal with an overheating device so today’s #GalaxyS9Plus article will address the question. Samsung Galaxy devices are designed to shut down if the internal temperature exceeds a certain level. This is a mechanism to protect components from being damaged due to excessive heat. This can be