How to fix Galaxy S8 that won’t power on [troubleshooting guide]

Today we address one of the most common problems in any smartphone — failure to power on or boot up. With millions of #GalaxyS8 sold worldwide since it was released last year, some few units may now be having problems like the ones mentioned below. We hope that you’ll find this short troubleshooting guide helpful.

How to fix a Galaxy S8 that crashes and stops booting up

Bootloop issue is usually a result of unofficial software modification but in a case mentioned below, it appears that a Galaxy S8 simply crashed or turned off on its own. After a restart attempt, the phone no longer turns on properly and is now stuck in this bootloop situation. If you have a similar situation,

Galaxy S8 wireless charging stopped working after an update

Hello Android fans! Here’s another troubleshooting article for the Galaxy S8 (#GalaxyS8) for you. We bring you 4 more cases of the Galaxy S8 not working as expected. Keep in mind that not all Android problems can be fixed on an end user’s level. So, if nothing works after you’ve exhausted all software solutions, the

How to fix Galaxy S8 camera failed error

Hello everyone! Today’s troubleshooting article covers another batch of common #GalaxyS8 issues. As usual, the cases mentioned below are taken from reports we received from you. As there’s constantly a lot of such cases being reported daily, we only handpick those that we think are being experienced by many. If you are looking for solutions

How to fix an unresponsive Galaxy S8 [troubleshooting guide]

Do you have an unresponsive #GalaxyS8? This troubleshooting guide should tell you what to do. There’s not much variations for this kind of issue so the solutions we provide here can also be applied across other Samsung devices. Be sure to let us know if they are effective solutions or not. Problem: Galaxy S8 is

Galaxy S8 overheats and restarts randomly, stuck on Samsung logo screen

Today’s #GalaxyS8 troubleshooting post talks about scenarios wherein the device experiences some of the common issues in phones today. This article provides you the possible solutions when your S8 becomes erratic, keeps overheating, restarts randomly, or can’t boot to normal mode at all. We hope you’ll find this post helpful. Problem #1: Galaxy S8 overheats